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  1. Sprite Work is really great, also like the name of the game, has a memorable taste to it. Could integrate Network Code with this?
  2. Has a bit of issues, but the Pixel Art details is really great. Has a cool aesthetic to it.
  3. Really dope concept, the Pixel style is really cool as well the camera rumble. Can see this becoming addictive in short burst.
  4. As you code or develop or do what you do, how do fight real world distractions or keep yourself from procrastinating?
  5. Hey Guys, any teams/devs looking for extra technical & creative design assistance? Offering Free Creative Writing (Narrative, Sub-Plots) as well as Design & Project Management. (Scope Docs, Spreadsheets, Templates, Asset Databases) On the Creative side I'm great with Narrative, Plot Arcs, Character Development, Setting & expanding Lore Database On the Design side I'm great with Templates & Flow Charts, & with Databasing. Also Polishing & Refining Mechanics, & Gameplay Systems. Can assist with Scope Docs, Design Bibles, & Minimal Technical Design. Can check
  6. Hey guys, new kid here. The name of my feature is "Lord of Cheeseburger", a vintage homage to the great late 1980s, very arcade-y & goofy. You play as an alien chef who crafts burgers by collecting 1)Burger 2)Cheese 3)Patty (in no particular order) while avoiding eerie alien monsters with the munchies. You can Double Jump, in this Single-Frame Platformer reminiscent to the 1st Mario Bros Arcade game. Complete the Burger Quota to move onto the next level so you can become the Lord of Cheeseburgers! gamejolt.com/games/arcade/lord-of-cheeseburger/40522/
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