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  1. Thank you guys for your time to play my game!!! I will think about it, maybe made this at next update.
  2. Thank you! What you mean! Sometime yes, it's going hard, but always there is 1 or more free areas to stay for a while. Need to be faster.
  3. Hello, please visit my website: https://odiusfly.com You will find a lot games. I'm available for freelance work also. Don't hesitate to contact via email: contact [at] odiusfly.com Thank you!
  4. Hey, New games available for licensing. More details here: https://odiusfly.com I'm available for freelance works too. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me: contact [at] odiusfly [dot] com Thanks in advance, Kyriakos
  5. Hello everyone, if you want to buy a license, please contact me here: contact [at] odiusfly [dot] com
  6. @Zygomatic Thank you!!! I have plans to add +50 Levels... With some extras... like stars for score, enemies and more. Don't hesitate to contact me anytime!
  7. Hello everyone, I want to present you my new addictive game, "Slime Love". Play the game online now: odiusfly.com/portfolio/slime_love More games available on my website: odiusfly.com Let me know if you are interested to license it or have any questions. Contact me via email: contact [at] odiusfly [dot] com Thanks in advance, Kyriakos
  8. Hello, I can help you, please check your inbox. Thanks!
  9. @-AAG- I wish you good luck my friend!
  10. Hi, even Construct 2 is still very good (if you visit my website you will see) to make HTML5 games or mobile. Of course Construct 3 has a lot features and going better and better. This is a different part. This no means the engine you choose is bad. To develop a good game depends on a lot of things. And of course to sell it is another different part. Better? What are your arguments? How people can say unity is better than unreal, etc ? Each engine do great job. The only question here is: "What game / games want to develop" ? To be honest, I don't know why some people choose phaser or similar. I believe it's about code - to code something. But you can programming in Construct 3 too. I believe need to post here and a phaser developer with a lot experience to give us an explanation about phaser and what can do better. So from my experience, Construct is very powerful, so i believe if your previous engine was GameMaker a good choice is to pass to Construct 3 but as i said, Construct 2 is still very good for games. Also i believe Construct can learn it in some hours. I'm not from Construct team, i'm not doing a promo here. I work with Construct years now and this is my opinion. But of course if you like phaser, go with it. Good luck! Cheers.
  11. @TudorFlorea Thank you for your time to play my game!
  12. Hello everyone, I want to present you my new addictive game, "Hell Trap". Play the game online now: odiusfly.com/portfolio/hell_trap More games available on my website: odiusfly.com Let me know if you are interested to license it or have any questions. Contact me via email: odiusfly [at] hotmail [dot] com Thanks in advance, Kyriakos
  13. Hey guys, "Individual developer verification" exist? Thanks!
  14. Hello, If you are interested, don't hesitate to visit my website: https://odiusfly.com Thank you!
  15. I don't believe this exist. This is the second reason that i remove all my games from gamedistribution.
  16. Why complain guys? You still upload your games to them, still support them and you know for payment details already, months before but still upload games and still waiting for payments. And finally, do you believe that with some posts from 1 forum in planet will change the rules of a company? Or you believe can report them? Will you pay for lawyers, whatever to do what? This company is not a scam. The only problem here is payment delays. All other moves coming from developers/publishers side ONLY. This is just a website that allow YOU to upload YOUR games. Simple. Good luck to all ! 👊
  17. Of course. But again, we talking for payment delays. If for example i wait to get my money on August and with delays get the payment from you after 2 - 6 or more months, so this means, all working perfect in our cooperation? We discuss 2 things/issues here: 1) Delays - No payments 2) Delays - Payments........... Whatever work for each developer, "Delays" still exist. I'm ok, thank you. Have a nice day!
  18. I'm not, believe me. Because i have no any game on gamedistribution anymore, so basically i just write my comments. I'm ok. After a lot emails, i get payment from gamedistribution.
  19. Payment delays is a proof. Because as gamedistribution is a real company, all profiles are true, when start a company and the payments issues starting, this is what need to fix instead chat with us next. Ok. I have read this too many times. Until then, good luck.
  20. What is the false allegations? And from your post on other topic i read just some text like everyone here. Is this somewhere a proof on your post? We discuss for payment delays. Is false? You agree too from your post to other topic. Do you want to discuss about % of earnings developer get from gamedistribution? Am i false? What about advertising program? Am i false too? Do you believe i read somewhere false things? If yes, Where is your proof about your advertising program? You post a link of linkedin profile and what exactly means? That you original person? So what we are here? Robots? Imagine all here to write our porfolios just because we are human. And believe me this is no a proof. Anyone can register on forums, write things, etc etc.... But when we talking for a company, we talking for money and there are some issues from more than 1 , this is a problem my friend. Because gamedistribution and companies like gamedistribution get money because WE-DEVELOPER made games. I'm sure you agree with that. Imagine someday developers stop to upload games. I'm sure will have more gamedistribution registrations here. Please let your proof text and i will delete my topic, don't worry. Until then, good luck with your work the next months.
  21. What topic is it? Are you talking for 1 developer (in this case yogevper user) or more? Because the only topic i found is this below. Are you talking for this? Because i read 1 topic from someone that never get any payment and his last post was July 1. First, we don't know if get this payment today or not and second to be honest i wonder how get 1000euros from games from a revenue share program. Also he wrotes that get paid before. So he actually try to get his last payment of 1 month: June-July => summer. And as from gamedistribution side, i read until today new topics and posts that never get any payments and others. I'm not from famobi team (i say this in case someone write any comment about) , i just read topics and posts and as i have experience with both companies i can post who is scam or not.