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  1. Thanks, have known this one but it needs to be hosted. Are there good services which don't need our own hosting? Ones which provide all backend services for multiplayer games.
  2. Guys, This is 2020 and I have been quite outdated on what all tools are being used by devs for creating multiplayer games. There is a lot of stuff available for Node.js and but writing entire game engine is from scratch is not an ideal solution. For backend gaming services what are the best options available now if we don't want to reinvent the wheel. Is PlayerIO a good option? Other alternatives?
  3. Has anyone tried doing it for EU users? What are you using? Anyone using Google Funding Choices with Cordova app
  4. Can you not make all frames of same size? Just add blank space on top and right for smaller frames and everything should fall in line.
  5. Guys, Does anyone have any suggestions for a VAST plugin along with a video player which can be used to embed and play video ads in Phaser games?
  6. Guys, I have been adding domino games to my existing collection and recently written AI for historical classical trick-based game of Chinese Dominoes. Your feedback is much appreciated. Tien Gow Online
  7. Your CPU goes to 25% on your turn? That is interesting.. On player's turn the game simply does nothing. When bots play, it does a lot so its just opposite behaviour and I gotta look into it then. Thanks for your other feedback. Very much appreciated. I plan a series of video tutorials which will come after all games are done.
  8. Guys, I have been working on a bunch of domino games and have just released first set of 8 games which I am sharing here. Looking for your feedback on this. AI for the games are decently intelligent (mostly plays for scoring and blocks if it can not score). If someone has any feedback with regards to AI, please get back. I have another set of 6+ games which are work in progress. Shall provide update once they are also done. Meanwhile your feedback will be much appreciated.
  9. I know. Already googled and planned to continue it once I am done with my latest game which I plan to convert to Android app. Your response is much appreciated. I just thought it would be easy to pick someone's brain here. At the same time I am also wondering how many HTML5 devs are actually releasing their games to Android, iOS stores.
  10. Not exactly. Since Google specifies ad sizes in dpi, it is already calculating ad sizes for display. I was wondering if there was a quick and accurate way of getting this information in a cordova app. It does not look like a trivial problem though.
  11. Guys, do you know how to accurately convert dpi to pixels on mobile using java script. I am trying to display Admob banner ads in my HTML5 game which is compiled to Android app using cordova and I am trying to leave some space on the game screen for ads. Though I can leave some approximate space but I am wondering if there is some api available (or even a plugin in cordova) which gives accurate conversion from dpi to pixels. Admob ad sizes are defined in dpi and not in pixels.
  12. Definitely.. Admob can be used in Android and iOS apps and it doesn't matter how do you distribute your app. Google Play Store or any other Alternative stores
  13. @onlycape Thanks buddy. The game actually is not easy to win against the computer unless computer is making random moves. Though it is possible at level 3 and 4 to easily beat computer. I think time actually does not matter if you end up losing most of the games so the important target is to beat the opponent so win/loss record might help. Scoring is something I thought about but could not get any idea what could work in a two player game. I actually plan to extend it to real time multiplayer if it gets decent traction. Thanks much for your feedback.
  14. I just did HTML5 implementation of an old game from Unix platform which seemed pretty much lost. The AI is moderate to avoid performance issues on the client browser. Expecting some feedback on it. Web: Android:
  15. I think saying no to publishers is fine. Publishers say yes only if they see an opportunity otherwise they simply say no so its good for both ends. Unless you are afraid of ruining your relationship with certain publisher which should not happen in my opinion. Business is business.
  16. Guys, I am looking for options on best plugins which can be used to insert VAST video ads in HTML5 games. What are the options?
  17. Check out this thread. People have had not so great experience with Its no advice just an FYI Edit: I just realized that the original thread was also created by you. Anyways, I guess you already have the information which I was trying to pass on.
  18. Where do you make more money? I focus on things which has monetary returns If you are just doing it part time as a hobby then why to focus on only one thing? And if you are making money from it, then why to dump it for something you don't know yet.
  19. Yup, I meant the same. Everybody has been quoting Google so I just wanted to be more specific that everybody is talking about "Adsense for HTML5 Games" and nothing else which is different from "Adsense for Publishers" which is different from "Admob" and so on..
  20. If you are testing the waters then try Kongregate. You will start seeing results immediately and it exposes you to a large audience which is pretty decent on giving honest reviews so you will also know what works and what doesn't. Money will come later once you have built a loyal following.
  21. Go through TrueValhalla's post on this. I will recommend it because TrueValhalla is quite successful in his trade so his recommendations count.
  22. Do you mean Adsense? Admob already has rewarded videos.
  23. Thanks for your feedback. I am actually going to try them for HTML5 games and have got approval from them as well so I shall have some feedback of my own in some time.
  24. After reading the post I think I will simply skip them and will look for another vendor.