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  1. Well, found something that works now. Just thought I would post an update for anyone stumbling over similar issues. When creating a Phaser.Sprite instance with a RenderTexture instance as its texture the only way i could get it to respect the frameData was to call .setFrame() on the sprite and pass in the Phaser.Frame instance manually. The framing rects passed in to the texture instances seem to be ignored.
  2. I am trying to create multiple PIXI.Texture instances using a Phaser.RenderTexture as the base. This does not seem to work though. When I set the texture on a sprite it just appears blank. Doing the same with a baseTexture from the cache seems to work. const texture = new PIXI.Texture(renderTextureInstance, new PIXI.Rectangle(0, 0, 200, 200), new PIXI.Rectangle(0, 0, 200, 200)); // DOES NOT WORK const texture = new PIXI.Texture(game.cache.getBaseTexture('buttons'), new PIXI.Rectangle(0, 0, 200, 200), new PIXI.Rectangle(0, 0, 200, 200)) // WORKS I also tried using the renderTextu
  3. So I am having issues using text wrapping once a stroke has been applied to my Text Object. The second line of my text is not visible once a stroke has been applied. If i remove the stroke I can see multiple lines. sample code below. var style = { font: "40px hnvb", fill: "#FFFFFF", align: "left", wordWrap: true, wordWrapWidth: 720, stroke: "black", strokeThickness: "10" };this._textField = new Phaser.Text(this.game, 1024 / 2, 700, "", style); this.addChild(this._textField);So do i need to force a redraw somehow or something? I am setting the text at a later point / multiplie times. Note:
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