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  1. I've made some rather significant changes to the format of the game, upped the graphical fidelity, the resolution, and have all-around improved the game greatly. Have a look at the new look of the game! A new trailer is coming next month, too.
  2. Also coming in the next content update, a cave:
  3. The next content update will include that beach scene you see above as well as a proper tutorial segment!
  4. That's a really nice-looking, clean art style!
  5. Thanks a ton! I'm always glad to hear about someone liking it. Getting people to play is probably harder than actually making the game
  6. Courier is a non-combat RPG where you play as a mail-carrier trying to unravel a plot to enslave the land of Veilend. Courier is placed in a fantasy setting, but you don't play as the sword-weilding hero out to save the world. You are a mail-carrier who stumbles into circumstances that set you off on a grand adventure.After a lot of data, metrics, and testing, Courier has moved to node-webkit to deliver a better experience for users. With that, I've pushed the game further graphically and have decided to release it as a completed game later instead of progressively. Click for full size By t
  7. I use it and love it. It really makes projects more manageable, makes a lot of tedious things very simple and quick, and I don't feel I really lose control over my game. There might be some rather small, nitpicky things that I might prefer, but my current game falls perfectly in the bounds of C2 without really any sacrifices. My project is quite large, too, and it doesn't really get in the way in the slightest. If I had to code my current game from scratch, it would never happen.
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