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  1. Hi, Am I correct that the only way to load in a video texture and have it render in the Pixi.js renderer is by using the VideoTexture.fromURL method? var texture = PIXI.VideoTexture.fromUrl("test.mp4");If this is correct, is there a way to have control to the native HTMLMediaElement controls? (i.e. restart the video, scroll in video, etc.) Lastly, because this is webGL, I would assume that displaying video textures (playing clips) in pixi is faster than just using the native html5 video element and some library that manipulates it (like videojs) Ultimately I would like to be able to make custom controls for the video player using Pixi sprites, does this sound workable? The main thing is I just do not know how to control the video once it is playing...
  2. Hi, In all of the examples, pixi animates through the use of requestAnimationFrame (calling requestAnimationFrame again as a callback). However, in this intro video, the host very clearly says that you would not want to do that in a production site, and that you should use some sort of animation loop. I am wondering, does anyone have an example of this sort of loop?