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  1. This is sexy! @NasimiAsl do you have a link to the doc for this...? I was not able to find it in github...
  2. This is sexy!! I love it!!!!
  3. Hey Wingman! Conflicts and friction are bound to happen when you are in a group. I think we all can handle it like mature adults.. And you are more than welcome to be in any role in the group as you are one of the first people to start a conversation with me in this forum..!! I will add you to the private chat... Cheers buddy!!!!!!
  4. Hey Wingman, you are probably right!!!! But why kill something without giving it a try, if it doesn't work it doesn't work there are no hard / bad feelings . I also considered the possibility of it being never ending and that's why wanted the demos to be super simple to execute. And being a project manager myself over 2 years, when you follow the process and identify the requirements and scope of it and plan for all the activities in advance it should be a cake walk mostly. But still there are all the possibilities to fail, but again we don't wanna stop because we "think" it might fail do we ?
  5. Awesome! we can get started, we need a place to whisper and brainstorm the ideas privately. I created a gitter chat room to discuss the ideas and a github repository to code. @jerome I'm not sure if you are on github, you can join the discussion in the following link. Please sign-up if you are not on git-hub so I can add you as a collaborator in the respository. @Temechon I have added you as a collaborator in the github repository, I'm new to github but I think I can pick it up quickly enough. Cheers and let's rock on!
  6. @Temechon I have seen your game demos and they are really nice, we can certainly use your expertise here. Let us know if you can contribute to this : )
  7. Awesome! We can start by identifying people who are willing to contribute and what kinda contribution they can make. Like I can contribute on the demo's user interface design, 3D modelling and texturing. We will need a couple of guys who has experience developing using BabylonJs, someone who can write production ready code unlike me. From there we can start by brainstorming the idea for our first demo. I dunno how you guys collaborate for BabylonJs development, I have heard about things like IRC, mailing list and so on. Ideally I would like to keep the development of demos in a closed environment until we have something to showcase to the public, just to stay focused. Once the demo is done, we can release both the demo and source to the public so they can learn from the source code and adapt. we can think of simple to execute ideas but still has a lot of scope for interesting visuals like this one rather than elloborate sets and models. and this let me know if this works! cheers!!!
  8. I will check it out matt! Thanks : )
  9. Hi All, I'm a fan of opensource technologies and softwares. I have been using BabylonJs for 3-4 weeks now and it's an awesome framework and nothing short of any other webgl frameworks out there. I have just released the alpha version of my site, it's not much but it is something. You can take a look at the attached screenshots from the site below. I'm a Designer, Art Director and Creative Director from India, I also do a little bit of programming. I always wanted to give back to the open source community (after having enjoyed open source softwares for over 5-6 years : ) ), but I'm limited by my programming knowledge. I can contribute in terms of creating demos for BabylonJs but I will still be limited by my development experience, I will need someone who is good at programming to create quality demos which we can add to BabylonJs's showcase and make it more desirable than other frameworks like "threejs". As far as my experience goes, any new potential user of Webgl will start looking for frameworks as Babylon and threejs. Even though threejs is old (no offense) and not as fast as babylon most of them if not all will end up choosing threejs over BabylonJs because the kinda demos they have at threejs site is kickass and highly polished. When I look at the demos in BabylonJs's site in comparison with the demo's at threejs the quality of BabylonJs demos are far far less polished (no offense again). This doesn't mean that there are no quality demos in the site, there are great demos like The Dino Hunt, Sponza, SPS. But we are easily outnumbered by more than a 50 demos at "threejs". I think the first step to fix anything is to acknowledge that there is a problem and I think we do need at least a dozen quality demos to showcase at the home page of BabylonJs, the rest will follow as the users favour Babylon over other frameworks looking at the demos we create. But I can't do this without help from a good developer who is willing to contribute in their free time just like our friends developing BabylonJs, it's a great way to return the favor. What do you get in-return? You will have a set of polished demos to add to your portfolio and also I'm sure this will be a tremendous opportunity to learn from each other. You can take a look at my works in the links below if you would like to know more about me and my work. Portfolio: Dribbble: And it definitely is gonna take time to create those dozen demos, atleast 8-10 months or so if it is only a 2-3 of us are going to work on it. We can take simple ideas which can be done in like 4-5 weeks of time and launch them. @Deltakosh : Let me know what you think, I will most definitely need your help in getting help from developers to get these demos done. If you are already working on any demos already, I can contribute in terms of modeling and user interface design for the demos. Cheers Guys
  10. Thanks for such a detailed post and kind words, I will answer them one by one. The rotation and facing of the models away from the camera is a known issue, the thing is I'm not resetting the camera once the user rotates it. So it retains the camera position for the next model also. This will be fixed when I have a shiny new user interface for the site. You are right about the different reflection field-of-view *smile* (you got an eye for detail). But the reflection only differs in terms of color and number of white blocks. The position of the panels and their scale is the same. It will be great if you can post some screenshots of the issue so I can what exactly you are referring to. I have also seen such weird differences in speed, but here the rotation speed is tied to the renderloop (similar to your scene delta-time idea). So the speed will only slow down when the frame rate is lesser than 60 FPS and will not speed up more even if it is crazy fast machine. I will check out American pickers, I have not seen it but I'm assuming its similar to pawn stars in history channel. Am I planning to make all the retro/art-deco models? I would like to, but it takes a lot of time to create those models and texturing them and shading. Right now I'm looking at roughly 25-30 models before the public launch of the site and your suggestions for models are welcome. I'm not from American culture / background so all that I have there is from Google and wikipedia.
  11. @Deltakosh the solution did work, sorry for the delayed reply I was tied up on the sites release. The site's alpha release is out now you can check it out at Cheers.
  12. Hey @mattstyles, I forgot to mention that it is in alpha release, there will be an updated version soon with updated UI and without any of those bugs you see now. But it should work in latest chrome in desktop, lemme check again in different systems, thanks for the heads-up. Can you post your system configuration(CPU, GPU, Ram), it will help me debug. Cheers.
  13. I ended up using html elements as ui for the site for now @Wingnut check out the site and let me know what you think. Finally it's live . I will call it an alpha release, there's still a lot of tweaks to be done in terms of user interface, which I'm planning to do over the next 3-4 months Site Link:
  14. Hi All, I'm happy to launch my site, the site will be a showcase of retro/vintage items. Right now there are only 6 items, things will be added constantly to the site. The site uses babylonjs framework and it's been only 3-4 weeks since I started using it and I must say it is one of the easiest of the languages to learn and has some pretty kick-a** features (PBR rendering, Realtime shadows and so on). It's well documented and has a great community out there. Coming back to the site, it should work just fine on desktops/laptops and latest mobile/tablet devices. It might show some weird rendering issues in older devices, working to get it fixed. Thanks to the community and everyone who supported in the forums to get it to this point. Cheers Site Link:
  15. @Wingnut : Thanks buddy, I will check that and keep you guys posted!