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  1. From someone who is looking at transitioning from Phaser to Pixi and was looking at this exact question, thanks @ivan.popelyshev for answering this (and many other) Pixi questions!
  2. It will probably depend on the complexity of your game, but I don't think you will find much difference between Phaser and PixiJS on this front. In other words, I doubt Phaser or PixiJS will be your bottleneck. A game loop would still exist on your clients (again depending on the complexity of your game). The server should also act as a form of input validation - should that user really be travelling 10x the normal speed? etc
  3. This looks really great. I've only played it for a short amount of time, but very nice. I like the Reactjs approach - it's something I have been playing with as well and am finding I can easily transfer my day job (webdev) knowledge onto gamedev. Did you come across any major hiccups with using React?
  4. Cool I will check it out - I need to find my xbox controller!
  5. Cool, thanks Matt. Yeah wasn't sure of the best fit on this one.
  6. Ludum Dare 37 - Theme: One Room (not sure if correct forum, but noticed there were a few past threads like this in Frameworks/Phaser). Ludumdare comp has concluded with the jam wrapping up shortly as well. Once again, for me, Phaser proved to be such a powerful tool for getting something done quick. I was able to concentrate on the game and graphics without the framework getting in the way. Thanks @rich ! I have attached a gif of my game below - Santa's one room My submission game can be played here: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-37/?action=preview&uid=4849 If you took part in Ludum Dare 37 and used Phaser, please share! Btw feel free to look at the source provided BUT it's a mess. Towards the end I just started throwing stuff in and my initial structure kind of fell apart. I also skipped over all the build steps (no requirejs / browserify / etc - it was actually a refreshing change!).
  7. Great news! Congratulations on release 2.7 beta. I will be testing this out over the weekend - I have some huge maps that could use with the boost
  8. Awesome news regarding the new tilemap renderer! Very excited to see it. As a sidenote, the original is still pretty good - I get near perfect framerate on an 2012 Macpro. Even with a sizeable map and going silly with rendering effects, and with no active "smarts" around handling the map size
  9. cjke

    2.5D Beat 'em up jump

    Nice. Goodluck and let us know how you go!
  10. cjke

    2.5D Beat 'em up jump

    Streets of rage was such a cool series! One interesting observation with SoR is that you couldn't jump along the Z-axis (toward/away from the screen) - only along the X-axis. I think this was very much intentional to alleviate some of the issues you are talking about. Watching a few videos, another interesting observation is the shadow beneath the character. I think the simplest approach would be a container, and the arrow keys would control the container - the container could have the shadow (optional - but adds a nice reference to the location of the character when jumping) and the character itself. When you hit the jump key you are moving the character within the container up N pixels and down N pixels. That way you don't need to actually check if he "has landed" or know where the ground it, because the container is always on the ground. Referring to the image, red would be the "character" which only moves via the jump key. And green is the container, which moves via the arrow keys
  11. Congratulations on the continued hard work. You're facilitating a tool that helps bring our characters and worlds that only exist in our imagination to life - Phaser/Lazer is basically like lego for adults. The open source community seems like a somewhat thankless role sometimes - but I hope you continue to work on Phaser/Lazer, even if you don't always get the support who deserve. Thanks Rich!
  12. @VitaZheltyakov If you need a hand getting the library onto github, ping me on here, happy to help. Btw looks good!
  13. Any chance of link that doesn't go through an ad-soaked middleman?
  14. I'm really odd about glitches so it might annoy me too much. I currently run Win8 + Win10 via VirtualBox on the mac and the speeds just kill me. Either you have a beast of a box or you are a lot more patient than I!