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  1. Not necessarily click to move or pathfinding, but maybe I can get that to apply to simple movement... effectively, I just want player movements to be constrained to a grid. that is, I'd like the cursors (whether they be buttons on a screen for mobile or WASD/arrows on desktop) to control the movement, not necessarily using AI
  2. Request Grid-based or Pokemon-game-like movement!
  3. Hey guys! I'm new to Phaser development, to JavaScript as a whole, and to any graphical game development whatsoever. Physics and such elude me still. I've set up a simple tilemap and lil character that you can move around. The collisions and boundaries work fantastically. Buuuut, I need grid-based movement! Think Pokemon, and other JRPGs that move you along a grid and never diagonally. I can more or less snap to the grid right now. The grid is 32x32 (sprite is as well) and I currently work movement like this... function update(time, delta) { const speed = 175; const preVelocity = player.body.velocity.clone(); // stop all velocity from previous frame player.body.setVelocity(0); snapToGrid(player); // horizontal movement if (controls.left.isDown) { player.x -= 32; } else if (controls.right.isDown) { player.x += 32; } // vertical movement if (controls.up.isDown) { player.y -= 32; } else if (controls.down.isDown) { player.y += 32; } // ensure that a player doesn't move faster diagonally player.body.velocity.normalize().scale(speed); if (controls.left.isDown) { player.anims.play("walk-left", true); } else if (controls.right.isDown) { player.anims.play("walk-right", true); } else if (controls.up.isDown) { player.anims.play("walk-up", true); } else if (controls.down.isDown) { player.anims.play("walk-down", true); } else { player.anims.stop(); // if we were moving, pick and idle frame to use if (preVelocity.x < 0) player.setTexture("cAtlas", "left1"); else if (preVelocity.x > 0) player.setTexture("cAtlas", "right1"); else if (preVelocity.y < 0) player.setTexture("cAtlas", "up1"); else if (preVelocity.y > 0) player.setTexture("cAtlas", "down1"); } } But the character zooms around like a caffeine-loaded kid on crack. It also ignores collision with boundaries, though it was working before when I didn't implement incrementing x and y by 32. How would you go about implementing grid-based movement into a game, while honoring collisions?
  4. Well, fair enough. Honestly, though, I'm not sure how to go about it. Flash is something I want to stay away from at all costs; from everything I've read it's inferior to the web as it is. Are there any frameworks within the HTML5 development world that have plugins or native support for UI elements? 'Cause at this point the UI is the biggest pain in the arse I'm seeing. Though, thinking of what they plan to do with Phaser (that is, letting you choose which components to download) would make it not all that bad to use Phaser for the generally non-UI parts. Would you know of any UI plugins for Phaser? If not, might be prudent to learn how to do it myself, then make a plugin for Phaser. EDIT: It's come to my attention (after thoroughly looking at the Phaser.io examples) that Phaser does indeed support basic buttons. That's really all I need right now. I mean, progress bars wouldn't be too difficult to accomplish, and the only other thing that's necessary is moving sprites around. Being able to click on images and click buttons are all that is - at this moment - necessary. The Tanks example also helps for whenever I decide to add a more... interactive combat system.
  5. Well, while I agree on the point about Phaser being more for arcade-like games and them being fancy webpages, I'd like to point out that Kantai Collection and similar games in the browser typically run on Flash. I suppose you could say that my real question is "can you clone Flash games in HTML5", and the follow-up is "what framework would be best for it?"
  6. Hey guys. I'm completely new to the HTML5 game development arena (and actually quite new to game development in and of itself), and I saw that Phaser is a highly recommended framework for JS game development. What I was wondering is if it's plausible and good to use Phaser for a game like Rage of Bahamut or Kantai Collection. Both of them require multiple screens with different actions on each, both require simple animations and calculations, both require events/things that recharge over time, etc... Would Phaser work for this, and if so, are there any tech demos/examples which can help me get started on a game like those? Thanks!
  7. Oh, well, I guess those are engines... I guess framework was what I was asking about then, lol. Alright, so it seems Phaser is the best choice. Is there any examples of Clash of Clans-like games made with HTML5? Doesn't even have to be multiplayer supported, just a tech demo or example.
  8. Hey guys! First post here; just getting started with HTML5 game development. I've made a Flappy Bird clone using Phaser, but that's about the extent of my knowledge on the subject. I came here because I'm going to need a lot of help to bring to life an idea I have. I want to rebuild the Japanese-style CCG genre in the Western world. (or at least the U.S.) Basically, I need to know two things. First, if HTML5 would be suitable for an online collectible card game, much like Rage of Bahamut or Kantai Collection. Second, what engine would be most suitable for that type of game. Here's a list of basic things that need to be done... Real time-based actions (such as waiting for cooldowns, constructing things, etc)Simple, basic animations (for combat scenes and what-not)Inventorying (people will have numerous cards in their collection)Player-to-player interaction (basically, networking; allows for trades and PvP battles)