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  1. Hey, I'm having from trouble with the BitmapData module. When I assign a radial gradient to Phaser.BitmapData.ctx.fillstyle, nothing I draw renders to the screen. The code below in in the 'create' function. var gradient = bitmap.ctx.createRadialGradient(x,y,0,x,y,radius);gradient.addColorStop(0.5,"white");gradient.addColorStop(0.4,color);gradient.addColorStop(1,"black");bitmap.ctx.fillStyle = gradient;,bitmap.height/2,10);I know my other code is working because when I make the fillStyle = '#FFFFFF', I get a white ball. Does the BitmapData module allow me to set radial gradients as the fillStyle? It is my understanding that anything I can do on a canvas I can do with BitmapData. Or is there something I'm overlooking? I need help! Please and Thank You.