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  1. Try doing it to the individual sprites. This had been asked lots of times. See
  2. Yes, there's a judder in the player sprite every second or so. Video grab
  3. So I get the following URL when creating a sandbox from a template. and this from creating a blank project But how do I get a URL that I can edit with my own content and share with a friend?
  4. Hmm. I setup a sandbox and copied the url but it didn't reload the setup. I'll take another look. Actually, I don't. I just want to share a sandbox with somebody.
  5. Where is the save button in Phaser Sandbox?
  6. It makes no difference. I used the code from here: in the Phaser online editor/sandbox and added in your line. No change to what I am seeing. if I could see how to save a sandbox I'd share it with you.
  7. What are the dimensions of your sprite and what scaling mode are you using?
  8. This isn't limited to Chrome, but I'll happily give Canary a try. Safari and Firefox also exhibit it, mobile or desktop. (edit: no change in Canary) My thoughts are that it is JavaScript Garbage Collection? And that's its unlikely we can avoid it on desktop, or even mobile? Edit: changed topic title
  9. It's odd, I see the same stuttering in the Phaser examples. Any ideas?
  10. I recently finished a very simple game, but there's still some juddering and uneven framerate even though there's really not much going on. 2-3 milliseconds per frame according to All I can think is that there's something that occasionally takes a few too many milliseconds that I need to optimise or move from one state to another. Or maybe there's a deeper problem? What are the best practices for the types of code and game logic recommended for each state? What are the best approaches to finding the offending code and the subsequent optimisation? boot: config preload: asset loading create: object creation update: position changes player logic prerender: ? render: render effects postrender: ?
  11. I've also been disappointed with the results of weightedPick. @jounii: I've just issued a pull request with your code suggestion, I hope that's OK?