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  1. Hi, Try to replace this: button.mousedown = button.touchstart = function(){ callback(); }; by this: button.on('click', callback); button.on('tap', callback); Regards!
  2. Hi guys!, I made a plugin some time ago to integrate and use webaudio/audiotag using the pixi loader.
  3. RT @Doormat23: Good news everyone! #pixijs v4 is here! faster better stronger!

  4. Awesome, this feature will be really useful for multiplayer games!
  5. That would be awesome! I discovered PIXI.ticker after making the animationloop plugin, so they both do basically the same. The main difference is the feature to stop the loop when the browser tab lost the focus, and the events pre and post render. Thanks all, i'm so glad to be useful
  6. Hi guys! I just want to share with you some plugins i made for my games (pixi.js >= 3.0.8). May be useful for someone. pixi-animationloop: To manage the requestAnimationFrame, doing the basic time operations, like delta time, total times, stop the loop when the browser's tab lost the focus, etc... pixi-keyboard: To manage keyboard events easily. pixi-timer: To create time events, clocks, etc... pixi-audio: To add audio support using the pixi resource-loader. The plugin use webaudio by default, and fallbacks to HTMLAudio when is needed. pixi-tween: To create tween animations, tween alongs paths, etc... Extra: obj-pool this plugin is not for pixi.js per se, but it's useful when we develop games for the memory management. Extra2: ES6-Webpack-Pixi-bolierplate, a start point to use pixi with ES6. I have other things in a old engine i made with pixi v2-3, and i will be move it to pixi v3-4 like plugins, for example, scene transitions, particle sys and tools, etc... -> Particle sys tool1, particle sys2 Regards!