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  1. I've just finshed the follow-up to my first HTML5 phaser game: (www.battleofhoth.com - a port of the Lego kit #3866 of the same name, a 2 player board game) www.harriercarrier.com I've made the ANDROID APK too, with Xamarin but not yet published. Tell me if you want a copy. The game should be self-explanatory, I hope, if you follow the written instructions, If you listen to the Admiral the 16 levels progress through tutorials showing all the game concepts, but... In this strategy puzzle game you control a USA carrier, defending against waves of attacking Soviet fighters (and bombers!) You must manage the aircraft on the deck by moving them around to charge their resources on the coloured pads * yellow SHIELD * red AMMO * Purple FUEL (Also when landing a plane on the runway, hitting each coloured runway arrestor cable gives you a resource recharge boost!) * Aircraft must be sent into combat to defend your health bar from Soviet missiles fired by waves of attacking planes. (basically the top half of the screen works as an asymmetric 4 channel tower defense, similar to Plants vs Zombies) * Harrier and Helicopters can take off and land vertically, all conventional aircraft must use the catapult and runway. * planes in combat will fire missiles (if armed) at time intervals * tapping on a flying plane will return it to the carrier. * different aircraft have different capabilites, such as: - missile jamming SEAKING helicopter - AWACS HAWKEYE, which speeds-up armed USA aircrafts missile firing - A10 WARTHOG- which fires bullets instead of the convential missiles * USA Aircraft must be stacked to reach higher altitudes and destroy higher Soviet fighters. * If your aircraft run of of fuel they will ditch. * If you aircraft run out shields they are destroyed. * If you send too many aircraft the bottom on the stack will POP and return to the carrier * crashes can occur if you: block the catapult track, leaves planes on the runway, or try to land 2 planes too quickly together I've included several levels which depict real cold war incidents!: * The defection of a MIG-25, who then joins you! * Ditching HUEY Helicopters into the ocean at the Fall of Saigon * You must prevent the "U2 incident" by keeping it from being shot down Feedback Please Steve
  2. strange chrome android normal vs incognito differences I'm making a game and its rendering differently in Android Chrome incognito vs. normal I've set the antialiasing off. incognito is good and is crisp (and the sound works, using Howler.js) but in normal Chrome android the rendering is fuzzy and the audio never kicks in. My first guess was one was rendering Canvas, and the other WebGL (as I had it set to Phase.AUTO) but setting either explicitly makes no difference. this happens on my one +two and sony experia handsets , but not an 8 inch lenovo tablet, is good in normal and incognito all these are using Chrome v 55.0.2883.91 works OK in Firefox Interestingly puffinand dolphin on xperia at least are awful, very slow cleared the cache, etc example URL: www.cartograff.com/harriercarrier
  3. Hi, I upgraded 2.1.1 to 2.6.2 and frame rate dropped from 42 to 6 fps (well down to 6 but never over 30 and very variable) I upgraded as I was changing to use typescript, so I made a lot of changes at once, refactoring the code but when i commented out everything I could leaving just the FPS debug statement, and not a sinlge render, there was no specific heavy code to blame. (and I'm doing quite a lot, 1200 * 1600 full of 200-300 isometric undulating ocean tiles) reducing the game size to much smaller helped the most. And setting anitaliasing OFF seemed to make things worse (which was a shame as previous to 2.6.2, in 2.1.1, i was not getting shap edges I'd like) I was heartbroken thinking it was a bad transplie by TS into JS and I was going to have to go back to pure JS I'm good on 2.1.1 for now, but any ideas? Also, thats in chrome, other browsers are luckey to get over 10 do you think V3 might make a major improvement?
  4. Just went into Apple shop , tried all devices,all good including iPhone 5 on ios8 so I guess its just an Ios7 / phaser thing
  5. I have a very simple test page: http://battleofhoth.com/test.html (below) I select a single frame from an atlas (frames are 256px wide and 128px tall) It works fine on all devices I've tried except iphone 4 & 5 (ios7) where I get a 'frame' selected of 512px wide and 256px tall I've looked for differences between my example and some correctly working examples, forum, docs, but I just can't seem to get it Sorry probably a newbie oversight Thanks <html> <head> <script src="assets/phaser.min.js"></script> <script> var spriteAreas = { 'frames': [ { 'filename': 'redbox', 'frame': { 'x': 0, 'y': 0, 'w': 256, 'h': 128 } // I expect to see a redbox ( just the top left frame of my atlas) // on iphone 5 I see 512px wide & 256px high (i.e. top 2 wide and 2 deep 'frames' of my sprite) } ] } var game = new Phaser.Game(400, 400, Phaser.CANVAS, 'test', null, true, false); var BasicGame = function (game) { }; BasicGame.Boot = function (game) { }; BasicGame.Boot.prototype = { preload: function () { game.load.atlas('hothSprites', 'assets/images/hoth.png', null, spriteAreas); game.canvas.getContext("2d").scale(window.devicePixelRatio, window.devicePixelRatio); }, create: function () { game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'hothSprites', 'redbox'); } }; game.state.add('Boot', BasicGame.Boot); game.state.start('Boot'); </script> </head> <body> <div id="test" style="border: 0"></div> </body ></html>
  6. perfect thanks ! I changed Phaser.AUTO to Phaser.CANVAS and it worked on the Nexus 7 1st Gen So I guess it thinks it can do web GL,tries to, and does it badly Strange as that is the newest Android Lollipop 5, maybe its a hardware thing. I've had only 1 other thing fail on it. (Gravity, game that goes with the film) I still get the same problem on iPhone 3 but not bothered about supporting that. I think that may be a different issue, its what happened on desktop when the image file was missing so its like its not finding the image files.
  7. sorry I've searched for the answer for this, but found none. I've created my game : http://www.battleofhoth.com and tested in on all devices I've got to hand so far. PC works greatTesco HUDL2 works greatHTC Desire it just about playable in Android default browser, but slow, no sound, pleasant surpriseiphone 3 I get small black squares with green diagonal through them for sprites but images I've added to the game render correctly (see attachment)Nexus 7 1st gen (I downloaded Android 5, keen to see it, but it really slows it down) I get black void squares the correct size for sprites but images I've added to the game render correctly (see attachment) and tween The game does work when you jab around at itI suspect this is just the devices being too old. The iPhone 3 I'm surprised worked as well as it did, but the Nexus 7 I thought would work. Is there a list of devices that do and don't support Phaser ? (Would that just be a list of devices that support either Canvas or Web GL?) Have I possibly coded something incorrectly that I could fix ? Thanks Steve
  8. This is my first ever game, its built in Phaser and Javascript Its done enough to work and play well, needs minification, bundling, etc http://www.battleofhoth.com It's based upon the Lego board game set 3866 and follows its rules I photographed the set for the main sprites It's 2 player but I'd like to build the AI for vs CPU code is on bitbucket, any collaboration would be welcome Steve
  9. I've made some improvements: - fixed its sizing issues - added a menu for pause, reset, toggle snow on / off (as thats got to be a killer on the processing), some instructions , reset (and so change the map) and a a link to my public repository FORK ME ON BITBUCKET Thanks Steve
  10. Lewster I have a question: Sometimes the isoSprite objects appear black. On the screenshot above the snow continued and non-isoSprites rendered. it occurred on my Nexus 7 v2 (upgraded to the new OS and now it runs so slow, big mistake) and reported by others but I'm not sure on what device, but not an issue on my Hudl2 or pc laptop Any ideas? Thanks Steve
  11. sorry, here is screenshot of http://www.battleofhoth.com
  12. please add my Phaser game: http://www.battleofhoth.com
  13. I've made this and just now put it up: http://www.battleofhoth.com I've put a new fuller post about it in the main Phaser forum. Thanks Lewster, for a fantastic plug-in!
  14. I've made this and just now put it up: http://www.battleofhoth.com It's for touch screen devices (I've just tested my HUDL2 so far) Its a 2 player chess-like turn based board game, based upon the Lego Battle of Hoth game (3866) Win by destroying the opposition or reaching their back line.Empire starts, each 'turn' consists of 2 'actions': move 1 square or shoot. can be done by any piece in any orderEach piece has a different firing pattern (shown in bottom left)Each piece has health of : 1 for vehicle (if any) plus all microfigsHits occur 66% of time, removing 1 health from the piece shot, which loses a microfig to indicate damageDarth Vader and Luke Skywalker's armies can do a Force Hit 33% of the time which completely destroy the piece hitits got 5 randomly picked levelslots of atmospheric sounds and some little animations It uses the Isometric plug-in for Phaser Its finished enough to work well but I've got more to do. P.S. it does not correctly resize on tablets. In landscape I lose the bottom edge of the game as it run to screen width which is a narrower aspect ratio. Flipping it up to portrait works but it is then limited to portrait width. Can anyone tell me quickly what to do? Can anyone tell me how it looks on ipad / iphone / windows touch? I'm not sure what to do with it next, I might open source it on github (I've got lots of ideas but short of time) Tell me what you think. Steve
  15. I want to make a sprite cross the screen and leave a trail but do slowly (as in one of the main website examples: render texture trail) I'm running this in a loop, changing the xPos and yPos each time. game.time.events.add(Phaser.Timer.SECOND * 0.2, function () { gameAddRenderTexture.renderXY(gameMakeSprite, xPos,yPos, false); }, this);but it doesn't work I tried passing in gameAddRenderTexture & gameMakeSprite but no luck (both are global vars) any ideas? I'm thinking this is some general javascript by ref / by val type thing but I can't find any answers. thanks Steve