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  1. I tried with latest version of babylon.js and pep.js but nothing, then I saw that my previous working attempts had "touch-action:none;" in css for canvas. I added that line and it worked!!! Thank you Sebavan very much, I didnt know about the toggle device option. I guess I'm still a noob
  2. Alright, I'll check for the latest version of babylon and pep.
  3. Awesome Sebavan, thank you very much. Yes, I'll lock the orientation cause the purpose is to see it in landscape position on smartphones, I was using desktop browsers just to test.
  4. Hi, I have an animation and a 3d environtment (cricket stadium) imported from Blender to Babylon: http://wilawara.000webhostapp.com/demos/gopidemo/simulation.html On desktop works fine but when I try to check it on mobile (Android) the 3d stadium looks distorted. What could be the reason for this? It supose to look like this: Thank you all.
  5. I tried with pep.js but doesnt work, I tried with hand.min.1.3.8.js and now its working on Firefox but in Chrome I get the same erratic movement. I'm not sure if chrome issue its because I'm using the same device and its stored in cache or something like that. Sebavan can you help me checking the following url to see with chrome for android if the error has been solved please? http://wilawara.000webhostapp.com/demos/gopidemo/simulation.html Thank you very much.
  6. Thank you Sebavan, I'm not using pep.js. In previous works I didnt use it nad the scene worked fine. do you think its necessary? I'll check the viewport size.
  7. Hi, I did a basic animation with Babylon.js (arcrotatecamera) that retrieves data from a mysql database and according to that shows two paths (red and blue) of a ball and its possible to rotate the camera with mouse: Online: On video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXyVNRnZWFE I saw that the animation works fine on desktop browsers but when I try to check it on mobile phone there are the following bugs: 1.- Part of the 3d model of the stadium (exported from Blender) appears to be distorted. 2.- I can't rotate the camera ca
  8. Thank you JC, yes, I think I must recheck the documentation but the material (and subMaterials) thing helped me to achieve what I was looking for. Thanks
  9. Hi, I was playing with a model exported from Blender and I can retrieve its submeshes with: var my_model = newMeshes[0]; var my_submesh = my_model.subMeshes[0]; But now I would like to know how can I retrieve a submesh from its name instead its number (like I can see in Blender). Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thank you Quintus, I'll try your suggestions. I didnt know the Line option, it seems more eficient.
  11. I solved it (at least temporarily). I used sprites for each sphere location, is not fancy but it shows the complete path of my sphere, you can check it here: https://wilawara.000webhostapp.com/demos/gopidemo/
  12. @dbawel Hi, I need one which remains (solid color) that follows the object precisely with its 3 coordinates.
  13. Hi, I'm moving a sphere (red ball) managing its x,y,z positions but I need that the ball leaves a trace of the same color. What could be the best way to achieve this? Thank you.
  14. Thank you brianzinn, I could apply your demo but I still must to study it to understand better, if I have questions, may I ask you?
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