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  1. Thanks, Zim, it´s really just a message in a bubble pointing to the button. No extra context.
  2. Muchas Gracias and Merci beaucoup!!! Just a question regarding your translations: Would it be ok to leave the "el" / "le" out? Just like in the english sentence where I think it´s ok to write "Hold button for 3 seconds" instead of "Hold the button for 3 seconds" ? Just want it to be as short as possible
  3. Hey everybody! tl;dr -> Please translate the sentence "Hold button for 3 seconds" into french, italian and spanish, THANKS ALOT! I develop an app for children and there is a safety feature that the children are not able to get into the settings. So when they press the settings button, a countdown will start. But as some adult people also do not understand that, I implemented an infobox to give a hint when somebody hits the settings button too shortly several times. Now I need the label translated into it, fr and es. "Hold button for 3 seconds" thanks!
  4. great, thanks, that actually also fixes the android problems!
  5. Managed to find out this is related to antialiasing. Is there a way to catch this error or should aa be set to false on mobile devices by default?
  6. Sorry, I actually tried, didn´t work, now tried again, worked
  7. I´m getting an error when having a mousedown on a button and on mousedown removing various displayObjects Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'visible' of undefined It seems pixi is still looping through nulled(?) displayObjects. So I suggest changing "if( !displayObject.visible)" to "if(!displayObject || !displayObject.visible)" here: InteractionManager.prototype.processInteractive = function (point, displayObject, func, hitTest, interactive ){ if(!displayObject || !displayObject.visible) { return false; }
  8. well, I tried PIXI.utils.TextureCache[key].destroy(true);But in my case it doesn´t do the job, because when I then try to load that image again (which i must when the user goes back to the previous room), it gives me Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasLoaded' of null // in Sprite.js:162So I guess I´ll stick withPIXI.Texture.removeTextureFromCache(key).destroy(true);Nothing really wrong with that, is it?
  9. Ok thanks, so 1) What exactly do you mean with I don´t need to remove the base texture manually? Do you mean I should only do this without removeTextureFromCache()? myTexture.destroy(true);In my case I am loading big background images with the loader and add them to the stage. When the user leaves a Room, I´m loading a new bg image and destroy the old image to avoid memory problems. To free the memory it would be best to also reset the loader, right? When the loader has loaded an Image it is in the TextureCache anyway, so no need to leave it in the loader?
  10. Hi, i got strange graphic errors on my iPad3 and Android (tested on HTC OneX & Nexus7). Here is the app: http://wdgts.com/pixi/1/ On Ipad everything looks blurry, the effect is best visible on texts: On Android, it´s completely messed up: EDIT: same problem without resizing: http://wdgts.com/pixi/2/ At least on android. The iPad problem seems to be reduced without resizing, but still not perfect.
  11. Hi, I remove textures from the cache when I don´t need them any more: PIXI.Texture.removeTextureFromCache(myTexture).destroy(true);But when I later try to load them again, I get the following error: although this: PIXI.utils.TextureCache[myTexture]is undefined
  12. Bug or feature? box.scale.x = -1; console.log(box.width); // -200 http://jsfiddle.net/Lsfkj1ng/2/ And another question ... I saw v3.0.3 is out now, where can i find the changelog?
  13. ok, thanks guys, so I guess php is a valid option. I´ll leave this unsolved though, maybe anyone else has another suggestion.
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