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  1. "Entertaining game" is a feature? Lol, wat?
  2. Are they still using impactJS? Just amazes me every time I think about it. I don't know if their UI is on the canvas or not, but gosh everything is just so damn impressive.
  3. I'd definitely do websockets in regards to point 3. Much faster and more lightweight to get a ping through a message instead of an entire http request. Plus, if you have hundreds of rooms, that's a lot of http requests per 5-10 seconds. Although it could totally be done with http I guess..
  4. Kinda. It totally depends on the tick rate of the server, how fast you want to send input, and how the data is interpolated to make an illusion of smooth gameplay <insert google'd networking guide here> gambetta / valve's article, etc Basically yeah. You'll need a master game server to handle the game instances to horizontally scale There are tricks you can do to mitigate the load, by trusting the client a little bit, etc. Take a look at treasurearena's websocket frames in Chrome's dev console. You'll get an idea.
  5. Thanks, that's very good to know! I'm excited to see your Panda 2 game =]. A lot of things happened when I was gone, impactjs went open source, Panda 2 is out.. Phaser 3 is out.. It's like a kid in a candy store
  6. I'm not being hostile at all man. I was just trying to say, Phaser gives you the tools / foundation for the job. And it does it well, it's your job as a game developer to use those tools and take your game to the next level Was not my intention at being hostile at all.. if it came off that way I apologize.
  7. Yeah. I was first doing a browser only game, but then transitioned to targeting desktop natively (I could kinda do that if I packaged w/ Electron), didn't feel like that was right for my game. I also really loved the UI nodes in Godot. Has one of the most underrated UI systems to date imo, especially in a free open source game engine. If I were to do a mobile/browser game now, I would have chosen impactjs, but now since Panda 2 is out, it's between that or Phaser 3. I also tried love2d, but their skeleton animation libraries and UI (compared to Godot's) are very lackluster. Their Sprite
  8. I love it! I had my game almost finished in Phaser, and it was going to be packaged w/ Electron, but found Godot never looked back. I was always checking out Panda 1 back then, so to see this Panda 2 just makes me extremely happy. Not only to me, but to the developer, and most importantly the game dev community
  9. Then it's your job to take the game to the next level.
  10. You can do a dom overlay or create your own UI system in the canvas. If your game is not UI heavy, I recommend just doing a dom overlay. Treasure Arena does this perfectly, inspect element their site when you get a chance. I think he's asking about built in GUI nodes (widgets) similar to what Godot does, that can be inserted via the editor, etc. Not sure
  11. Just came here because I saw this. Was extremely giddy, but then realized i'm with Godot now :(. Gosh I will def recommend it though. The API/docs are very clean and extensive
  12. Wow @enpu great job w/ Panda 2. Kinda makes me want to come back to HTML5 now :P. Congrats!
  13. Awesome! Just curious does it run good at 144 fps? Was curious because RAF will match the monitor's refresh rate so the possibility of 144hz will be there. Very eager to try it out, looks like it'll be a big hit
  14. Yeah, I really wish you the best. I hope your game can go viral and really hit it out of the park. The HTML 5 field is waiting for that "action MMORPG" I think. You guys will set a very high precedent
  15. Wow, okay this makes me want to stop developing my game lol. Holy crap.. I do have to ask, are you using an in-house library/engine? Edit: Oh okay, I'm dumb. I clicked on Engine on your site, I see! Thanks! Good luck!!
  16. There is a HUGE difference between 60hz and 144hz with Phaser. I just got a new 144hz monitor and am testing it out now, it's nuts. Especially when moving around
  17. Thanks samme. Here's a small snippet so we don't have to use keep putting in the variable names of every layer we add. game.world.children.forEach(obj => { if(obj.type == 10) obj.resize(x, y) // If a tilemap layer, resize it... }) i just stuck there on my electron "resize" event listener although, i got stuck cause i thought game.scale.setGameSize would take into account TilemapLayers lol
  18. Well, if scale is off.. those tiles are what you get from your texture Just need to use a different tileset if you want larger ones Glad u got it working, looks like sammy won hehe
  19. wait, how many layers do you have in your tiled editor, just one right?
  20. Nasty.. nasty bug in tiled or phaser (don't know which one is reporting it) Add one to your tile index... (setCollision(idnumber+1)) fixes it for me took me forever to isolate this lol. had to look in console
  21. Looks pretty cool. Add some powerups too!! Little coins or stuff to catch that change the physics, etc! Keep it up!
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