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    WombatTurkey reacted to enpu in Virtual Joystick plugin   
    Control movement in mobile games with virtual joystick.
    Preview: https://www.panda2.io/plugins/joystick
    Documentation: https://www.panda2.io/plugins/joystick/docs
    Download: https://www.panda2.io/plugins#joystick
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    WombatTurkey got a reaction from makis in No Phaser any more!!!   
    I'm not being hostile at all man. I was just trying to say, Phaser gives you the tools / foundation for the job. And it does it well, it's your job as a game developer to use those tools and take your game to the next level  
    Was not my intention at being hostile at all.. if it came off that way I apologize. 
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    WombatTurkey got a reaction from pstrejczek in Panda2 on gamefromscratch !   
    Thanks, that's very good to know! I'm excited to see your Panda 2 game =]. A lot of things happened when I was gone, impactjs went open source, Panda 2 is out.. Phaser 3 is out.. It's like a kid in a candy store  
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    WombatTurkey reacted to Eric Matyas in Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 1000 Tracks   
    Hi everyone,
    I've created over 1000 tracks of music and sound effects that you are welcome to use in your games. It's all original...all my own work. All I ask is to be attributed as indicated on my homepage:
    I sincerely hope my tracks are helpful. Any and all feedback is welcome and always appreciated.
    All the best,
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    WombatTurkey got a reaction from makis in No Phaser any more!!!   
    Then it's your job to take the game to the next level.  
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    WombatTurkey got a reaction from Wolfsbane in Panda 2 Release notes   
    Wow @enpu great job  w/ Panda 2. Kinda makes me want to come back to HTML5 now :P. Congrats!
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    WombatTurkey got a reaction from Ninjadoodle in Panda2 on gamefromscratch !   
    Just came here because I saw this. Was extremely giddy, but then realized i'm with Godot now :(. Gosh I will def recommend it though. The API/docs are very clean and extensive
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    WombatTurkey reacted to rich in No Phaser any more!!!   
    This is so very, very wrong.
    There are some amazing Phaser 2 resources.
    This book is excellent, starts right from the beginning and goes into lots of depth.
    The Zenva Phaser 3 course is massive. 15 hours of really top-quality content, covering all aspects of game dev from ES6 and on. They have a really successful Phaser 2 version as well (which is a lot cheaper). There's even a free 4 course taster you can try for nothing.
    There's a free 420 page Phaser 2 book, Game Development for Human Beings, which again is a superb read. Comprehensive, lots of structure covered, lots of details.
    There are loads of videos for v2. YouTube is full of playlists like this 8-part one on creating a platform game in v2.
    Then there are the one-shot tutorials. The Phaser site alone lists over 710 of them covering everything from single effects like progress bars to massively in-depth coverage of tilemap physics.
    I challenge you to find this many resources for Pixi. Actually, I challenge you to find this many resources for any other open source game framework.
    It's all out there. To say otherwise is, I'm afraid, ignorance.
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    WombatTurkey reacted to enpu in Panda 2 Release notes   
    I'm very excited to announce that Panda 2 has been released. It is now more than just a JavaScript game engine, it's a full Game Development Platform for Mac, Windows and Linux. You will get better picture by watching this trailer video of Panda 2:
    The game engine code will still remain free and open-source.
    Check out Panda 2's new website: https://www.panda2.io
    There are over 30 minutes of high quality video tutorials: https://www.panda2.io/tutorials
    Ready to start simple game templates: https://www.panda2.io/templates
    And lots of interactive code examples: https://www.panda2.io/playground
    API Documentation: https://www.panda2.io/docs/api
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    WombatTurkey got a reaction from YngNAmbitious in [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG   
    Awesome! Just curious does it run good at 144 fps? Was curious because  RAF will match the monitor's refresh rate so the possibility of 144hz will be there. Very eager to try it out, looks like it'll be a big hit
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    WombatTurkey reacted to YngNAmbitious in [WIP] Mad World, Cross-platform MMORPG   
    Hey guys,
    My name is Mike and I'm from Korea.  Me and 14 other guys are making a HTML5 MMORPG called "Mad World".  
    Here's its trailer.
    And here's rain animation
    The game has all the familiar features of MMORPGs but the combat is more face-paced.  It has hand-drawn artstyle like you see here.
    I will be posting some updates here from now on, and maybe some development tips we learn along the way.  We want to be a pioneer in the area HTML5 in Korea which is still very new in the country.
    We want to make it available worldwide by the end of 2018, so we still have a long way to go.  Any feedback is welcome by the way.
    Thanks and let me know what you think of the game!
    For more information on the game, you can visit our website:  www.jandisoft.com
    or follow us on
    Here's the latest update
    We are throwing an in-game Halloween event next week from October 30th to November 1st.  Anyone interested here's a link to the game. http://halloween.madworldmmo.com/  We will open the server during the event time.  Hope we see you guys there. =)

    Here's a wip customization system,.  Oh, and we recently opened a forum.  Come by and say hello if you're interested. =)
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    WombatTurkey reacted to Parasyte in Before you ask a question ...   
    We get a lot of questions on this forum. Unfortunately, we get more questions than we see people sharing how they are using melonJS; Very few project announcements, screenshots, show-and-tell, etc. I want to change that. This forum is a good resource for getting help, but it is not a substitute for reading the documentation, reading the FAQ, reading the wiki, reading the source code, following tutorials, or copy-pasting code from the example projects.
    In an effort to reduce the kinds of questions that are already answered in any of the resources described above, I'm going to keep this topic pinned to provide a list of resources for you to read through before you ask, whatever your question may be. In most cases, and answer already lies in one of these pages. That said, there are a few classes of questions that cannot be answered anywhere except on the forum. Those are the kinds of questions I would like to see more often. Some examples are design patterns, framework suggestions, and integration questions.
    Just keep in mind that we aren't here to write your game for you. We are here to make games and see the games that others are making. As we continue to grow as a community, I'd like to ask the moderators to begin locking threads that are asking "bad questions" (whose lazy askers clearly didn't do any research into their issue) and for community members to report such threads.
    Here's what you need to know:
    How to Ask Questions the Smart Way Read the Fantastic Manual Check the FAQ Search through the Wiki Search through our former/old forum posts (tons of messages there with useful information) Search through existing forum posts (There's a search bar at the top of this page!) Follow the tutorials Platformer tutorial Space Invaders tutorial Check out the examples and the examples source code Upgrading code to a newer version of melonJS? There's a very detailed Upgrade Guide for that. Need some implementation ideas, or wondering "can melonJS do so-and-so?" The answer is YES! melonJS can do everything! And we have a huge list of games made with melonJS to prove it. Think you found a bug? Uncaught exception or something worse? Learn how to debug it. Is it definitely a bug? Search for known bugs or file a ticket. And finally, when all else fails, melonJS is open source! Don't be afraid to dive in and find out how things work (or how they break!) Now that that's out of the way, let's make some games!

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    WombatTurkey reacted to samme in Game getting only 40ish FPS on other computers?   
    It seems the recommended method for fixed-step updates is
    Set game.time.forceSingleUpdate = false Set game.time.desiredFps (if not 60) Use game.time.physicsElapsed for updates Arcade Physics (and Lifespan) use physicsElapsed. physicsElapsed is the ideal interval (1s / desiredFps), not a measured interval, but it seems to work.
    Try https://github.com/samme/phaser-plugin-advanced-timing 
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    WombatTurkey reacted to samme in Tilemap render bounds don't update when changing game size   
    I think all you need is scaleMode RESIZE hooked to tilemapLayer.resize(…). All the rest you can get rid of.
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    WombatTurkey got a reaction from Sdorova in Collisions doesn't work   
    dumb cookies anyway!  
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    WombatTurkey got a reaction from Sdorova in Collisions doesn't work   
    Well, if scale is off.. those tiles are what you get from your texture  Just need to use a different tileset if you want larger ones
    Glad u got it working, looks like sammy won hehe
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    WombatTurkey got a reaction from samme in Advanced Timing Plugin: FPS graph, meter, text   
    Really cool stuff, thank you samme!
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    WombatTurkey reacted to Justin_Wang123 in [WIP] Rogue Fable II   
    Hi Everyone!
    This is my third iteration on a browser based rogue-like. Its getting pretty close to completion and I'm looking for some feedback from fellow developers.
    The main objective for this project was to create a game that is playable in a single hour while containing enough content and variety to make repeated playthroughs novel and enjoyable. I'm pretty heavily inspired by Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup and I consider this an attempt to capture the spirit of that game for times when I don't have 8+ hours to do a full DCSS run.
    Features, design decisions and some rambling:
    Themed Zones:
    The game contains a total of 7 different themed zones each with its own unique monsters, traps, environmental hazards and level generators. For each playthrough the first few dungeon levels are always the same basic zone but then in later levels 3 of these themed zones are chosen randomly. The idea here is to give the player different combinations of themed zones with each playthrough. I think that just random placement of rooms, corridors and monsters is not enough to really make each run feel different so this is my attempted solution to that problem.
    Character Classes:
    There are 6 classes which I've tried to differentiate as much as possible. With rogue-likes, classes are kind of a tricky problem in my opinion. With random loot, its possible that many of the items that you find may be useless if your abilities are really solidly defined by your class. So to try to overcome this I've borrowed some ideas from DCSS and given each class a starting book from which they learn their class specific abilities. Later in the dungeon you will find the books of other classes allowing you to multiclass to some extent if you choose. There are some inherent statistical differences between the classes but most of it is defined by their starting equipment and their starting book. In this way I'm trying to have the classes be most differentiated at the start of the game but then the way in which you develop your character is dependent on what you find later in the dungeon.
    Damage Model:
    I've continued with a fairly deterministic damage model though with the addition of random critical hits and misses thrown in a very small percent of the time. I find that random damage is just sort of noise when I play games and just makes it difficult to judge tactics while not really adding that much unpredictability. I cant really call the difference between 5,6 and 7 damage 'random'. So my solution to this was some small percent of the time there's a critical hit (x2 damage) and some small percent of the time there's a miss (0 damage). My thinking here is that this reduces noise, increases the players ability to play tactically and when the dice do fall a certain way a big effect is produced.
    I've thought a lot during this project about this sort of 'meaningful randomness'. The themed zones could be seen as a form of tackling this issue. I've also generally moved away from say generating 3-6 gold per level and instead just made it a constant 4 but with a 10% chance to spawn a treasure room on a level full of piles of gold. I feel like players are unlikely to notice these small fluctuations in gold per level but a room full of treasure is sure to get their attention. This sort of design is carried through a lot of the project and is something I'll likely continue thinking about in the future.
    All feedback is greatly appreciated. The game is pretty close to what I'd consider 'complete' there's just some graphics missing in a few places and maybe a few balance issues here and there. I haven't really gotten to adding a lot of help text yet so one thing I'm particularly interested in is any confusion that crops up during play, anything that doesn't make sense. Obviously balance and challenge is a pretty big deal as well. I'd like at least with the easier classes for players not to just get slaughtered in the first few minutes, so I'd appreciated your experience in this. Last but not least, crashes, bugs, weird behavior, all that stuff that I'm sure keeps us all up at night. A copy paste of the browser console after a crash would be extremely helpful.

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    WombatTurkey reacted to Megabyte in Pixel Cave [roguelike]   
    Hi, its my firsh HTML5 game, I made it after playing PIxel Dungeon : )
    For UI i used react.js. Gameplay part is canvas+js. No any other frameworks. Maybe for next my game ill take phaser. : )
    8 bosses about 25 enemies items with random generated properties random generated levels You can play it here: https://pixel-cave.com
    About any bugs you can report me in game menu. : ) I've fixed some bugs, reported via these menu already.

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    WombatTurkey got a reaction from PBMCube in Running Phaser on Node.js - How I did it and why you shouldn't do it   
    Running Phaser as a serverside authoritative server is about the same logic as triple A game running their ENTIRE client as a server. Can you imagine the bandwidth and resource usage?
    Agree, this is where client prediction comes into play for handling movement and other mechanics.
    For example, in my game if you are shooting a skill like so:
    The x and y positions need to be sent over the websocket pipe and there is no way to validate their positioning server-side UNLESS you literally send every single mouse movement to the node server and track everything, which is beyond wasteful and not intuitive whatsoever. (Well, I guess it's intuitive.. but not ideal) 
    So, while sending the x and y positions over the pipe so other people in the game can know if a player is shooting balls or using a skill.. The server should take in these numbers, cast them as integers only, check for cooldowns, and other stuff and make sure the numbers are in a certain range. Because we can never trust the client and players can literally send commands through pressing F12. That's how easy it is really.
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    WombatTurkey reacted to samme in Phaser 2.7: New WebGL Tilemap Renderer (Beta 3)   
    When can I play this?
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    WombatTurkey got a reaction from The_dude8080 in Phaser p2 mobile. Horrible performance   
    I don't think it has to do with P2 physics,but the sprites / textures used? I mean, it could be P2 but need to see your game first do you have a link?
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    WombatTurkey reacted to dbawel in Is a game like this possible in Babylon?   
    No OBJ doesn't pass animation. Use FBX and import the animation into Blender (or whatever) and then import OBJ and re-attach the animation to your geometry, However, once you export from Blender (the best method to a .babylon file) all info will be exported, however I like to do my texturing and shading BJS.
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    WombatTurkey reacted to LuizOtavio in Can i set a collision area in a sprite? [Phaser]   
    hi @AramCP,
    i guess, you looking for Offset Bounding Box
    check out this example https://phaser.io/examples/v2/arcade-physics/offset-bounding-box
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    WombatTurkey got a reaction from s4m_ur4i in Phaser 2.7: New WebGL Tilemap Renderer (Beta 3)   
    Running 512x512 maps flawlessly without any lag under WebGL. That's 16kx16k map dimensions and with tiles placed all over the place.


    Ignore the shitty GIF. It's at 60FPS locally. @rich, great work! 
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