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  1. Goblins & Grottos will be graduating to Full Release next week, July 7th. The full release will include: - the complete 22-map story "A Goblin's Tale" - a minecart and track system - a new enemy "the priest" who resurrects heroes - a new enemy "the dwarf" who loves digging - a new enemy "the paladin demon boss" who comes with a flexible boss battle creation system (similar to the existing cutscene creation system) Watch out for more announcements between now and July 7th, and details of our release-day celebration plans! :-) Stay up-to-date by following us on Facebook or Twitter or Steam
  2. Patch notes 0.14.0 Map Editor We have been doing quite a bit of work making the Map Editor easier and quicker to use: - New Fill Tools for platforms, tree trunks, sawblade paths, background woodbeams, railings, village house walls, snow - New Random Object Tools for various decoration items: background and foreground moss, and various types of background woodbeams - Stopped multiple layers of water tiles from being accidentally created - Improved the ordering and categorisation of all tiles and tools. - Identified the map region (Cave, Forest, Village, Mountain) that tiles, traps, tools and decorations are associated with - so that they can be filtered by region, making it easier to find the thematically correct items you need to build your maps Maps - Added the 15th Official Map "14 - On The Road" - Tweaked and improved various other maps - We have most of the remaining maps nearly ready to go - see below Audio - sounds for bed bounces and mushroom bounces Graphics, GUI + World Items - overhauled the main 'Play' window so that the Official story and Online maps are more obvious - added a new feature for the Official story whereby your best total score, muffin count, and hero kill count is tracked - added a new 'More Maps from the Devs' section so that additional maps and stories made by the Devs are easier to see rather than being buried in the Online section. For now, we just have the 2-map "Cheap Sheep" story here. Cheap Sheep is a cutting socio-political commentary on the state of the gaming industry. Or something. - improved the goblin-on-troll's-head animations - added new roof spikes - improved the village-end sprites Tweaks and Bugfixes - Reduced excessive background tile recalculations - Fixed problem with incorrect scrolling when mouse is over the inventory hotbar - The game now makes a special check for people attempting to play with one hand, i.e. WASD with left shift/left ctrl. Yes, people really do this.. we have seen some youtubers complaining that the game is really hard to play with one hand! Closing in on Final Release We have been working really hard as we move towards the final release of the game, and we think you will love the rest of the Official Story, as well as a number of cool features and heroes that we're releasing at that time. Logan is our new Marketing Dude and he has been busy lining up press releases and schmoozing all those Important Press People and Influencers (TM) that we want to be aware of the game. Plus some special release day stunts and shenanigans! .. more on this later.. Bjorn, Ian, and Jonas have been putting together a really cool new cinematic trailer for the game. As usual I (Sam) have been tirelessly working away in the background, making sure the game runs smoothly and the bugs are gone.. as a programmer friend of mine said recently - "The job of the programmer is to make their work invisible. You only notice them when things go wrong"
  3. Patch notes 0.11: Another bunch of cool updates here, mostly related to region 4 (mountain/evil castle) New song here! Traps/interactive objects: - added a fireball-firing statue, with user-definable shoot rate and shoot speed - added circular saw trap that moves between user-defined flags at a user-defined speed - added disappearing tiles - added portals which teleport characters and objects from one to another (based on user-defined Portal ID) - added swinging pendulum axe traps, with user-definable movement speed and swing angle World objects, added for region 4: - added snow! which looks really cool - turned on/off in cutscenes - added bats that flap around and cling to surfaces - added lava - added mountain-top background tiles - added 'evil skull' doorway block - added various evil castle and mountain decorations: candlesticks, prison bars (foreground), barren trees and bushes, background mountains, green torch, snowman, health pool (decorative only), skeletons, guillotine (decorative), broken barrel, broken vase, pumpkins, giant sword, tombstones, evil pentagram, new spiderwebs, gargoyle statue, new background mountain foliage Optimisations and tweaks: - worked out a substantial physics code optimisation which will improve game play on weaker computers - changed the goblin so that he doesn't switch to 'pushing' mode with small objects - changed cannonballs so that they do not kill when moving slowly Audio: - added villagers 'thump' noise when they run into walls and knock themselves over - added a new footsteps sound for the goblin when running on soft surfaces - added sheep galloping and bleeting sounds - added cow moo and munching sounds Map editor: - hero names and creature names now default to real player names downloaded from our database
  4. Yeah, I've seen that mentioned too. Is it good? One of the nice things about nodewebkit is that the Steamworks API has been compiled for it, by Greenheart Games (the guys who made Game Dev Tycoon).. quite a few games on Steam now use it.
  5. Patch notes 0.10 Here's another patch packed-full of good stuff! Three New Official Maps, all in the Village region: - "Backstabber" - "Do you even lift" - "Boss of Feathers" New characters: - Three villagers, who scream and run away when they see the goblin or any other creature. Very comical! :-) New Game Items: - The scrolling backgrounds and basic tilesets for the 4th region: this includes the Mountain, and the Evil Castle - New big trees ad village 'stockade' map exit Map Editor: - When you have a FILL tool or the ERASER selected, you can now hold shift and drag to define a rectangular area, rather than having to place each tile individually Audio: - The troll now has a selected of roaring noises and 'speech' sounds. Ian tells me these were based on walrus sounds. It sounds quite feasible ;-) - Elfqueen has a better spellcast sound Miscellaneous - The sidebar in the Online Maps window has been improved - Various bug fixes and some efficiency tweaks Goblins & Grottos is on Steam Early Access:
  6. Patch notes 0.9 There's lots more good stuff in this patch! Cheap Sheep! - We have made a special 2-map story "Cheap Sheep", uploaded into the online maps repository, to celebrate the latest Steam sale. Can you defeat the evil Lord Gaben, who is intent on making all games 'sheep'? Will you meet the G&G developers Jonas, Sam, Bjorn and Ian? Will they have deep philosophical insights to impart? World Objects: - Sheep. These are rideable - they run and jump faster and higher than the goblin, but of course cannot climb walls. Also, sheep do not die from falling (just like in real life!). When killed by weapons/falling items, the sheep dies and the goblin survives. - Lots of new village objects: chimney, boxes, haybales, brooms, cauldrons, beds, paintings, mailboxes, cows - Rubber ducks which float on water - Slippery goo which makes things slide around on tiles (also makes walls unclimbable if positioned on the left/right of a tile) - Flame trap variations: left/right/top versions - Blue flame traps - which are set to turn on and off in a predefined pattern (the yellow traps are operated by LeverIDs) - Purple retractable spikes which are set to open/close in a predefined pattern (the normal retractable spikes are operated by LeverIDs) - 'Tent' exit for village maps - 'Hole in the ground' exit for cave maps - New dispensers: boulders, and sheep. Did your mummy not tell you where baby sheep came from? ;-) Audio: - Ambient village sounds - Ambient forest sounds - Chicken sounds. Bok bok bok! ... Bokerk! - Elf queen voice sounds / magic sounds - Illusionist voice sounds / magic sounds - Slime sounds - Flame trap sounds - Troll footsteps - Sheep sounds Map Editor - Grass, earth, village ground autofill tiles now merge correctly - Code optimisation for autofill tools - Zoom in/out using mousewheel (3 levels of zoom available) Bugfixes: - Physics engine bugfix - occasional framerate slowdown related to the troll
  7. All of the songs from the game (currently 10 tracks, with more to come!) are now free to download on: Ian's bandcamp page
  8. Quick update - we're in Early Access on Steam now and the reviews are really positive (still @ 100% positive in fact). Lots of tweaks and improvements have been done following user feedback, and now we're back to working on new content. Meet the illusionist and the troll. The illusionist will turn his enemies into chickens (thus creating some funny and varied puzzle situations). The troll will smash everything in his path (including the goblin) but if you stand on his shoulders you'll be able to control his movements. And here's the witch, who will blast her enemies with lightning bolts.
  9. We have been approved for Steam Early Access on December 17th: The Early Access version offers a functionally strong subset of the full game. In particular, it includes about half of the official environments, characters and built-in maps that we are planning to use. It also includes fully-featured map editing and sharing facilities, as well as all of the carefully constructed physics and interactions. The Early Access version offers two environments and associated content: the Dungeon, and the Forest. While the full version (early 2016) will provide incrementally improved map editing, sharing and other online facilities, the main tangible difference is that it will also include two more environments and associated content: the Village, and the Mountain Castle.
  10. Goblins & Grottos is going into closed alpha tomorrow, Oct 25th 2015. This includes tons of new features not available in our previous demo, including the map making facilities, online sharing and social features, plus lots of new map tiles, objects and enemies. Also a prototype of our first 5 official maps! Please sign up at if you would like an invite!
  11. Here's a look at our cutscene system, which has been becoming more detailed over the past few weeks. We're putting a lot of work generally in making the map editor as user-friendly and fun to use as we can, and to encourage players to build stories into their maps. Cutscenes will be an important part of this. Cutscenes are triggered when the goblin moves into the invisible trigger identified during map-editing by the clapperboard icon. You identify which 'actors' will be part of the cutscene, and these characters have their normal game behaviour over-ridden with the rules specified in the cutscene. Actors can include enemy heroes, friendly creatures (other goblins, imps, etc.) and also the goblin himself. If the goblin is included as an actor, then the screen zooms in and normal game controls are frozen for the duration of the cutscene. If the goblin is not included as an actor in the cutscene, then the cutscene plays out while you are playing as normal - this allows us to make little stories and interactions occur which you can choose to eavesdrop on or simply ignore. It's a simple but pretty cool idea and we can already see how it brings the maps to life and gives a feeling that the world around the goblin is alive. So far, our cutscenes let you define where actors move to (identified by invisible flags that you place in the map) and what they say. You can also open/close doors, have heroes kill creatures, and have heroes 'log out' (the joke is that they're playing an online game and - in an act of ultimate insult - they log out straight after killing the goblin's family, leaving him the quest to track them down and seek revenge). You also define the amount of time that elapses between each step, and centre the camera on different spots on the map - so you can accurately control how the cutscene action plays out.
  12. We have just made pre-alpha v0.1.8 available over at The main improved things in this version are: 1. Supports game controllers 2. Adds checkpoints 3. Some improvements to frame rate on weaker computers And here's a quick look at one of the more unusual enemies we're working on.. a shapeshifting druid with a pet owl:
  13. Thanks Daniel! Yes, we're excited about the game and we're having a lot of fun developing it. An audio guy/musician just joined our team so that's going to help a lot too.
  14. Hey sorry man, I only just saw this question! I have actually been building the architecture while going along, apart from the core state machine and render loop etc. I have a lot of experience with game engines so I guess that makes it more straightforward: for example, the first time I needed particles, I branched off and wrote a basic particle module. The core structure was designed with expansion in mind. I think for 3D games it is hard to make a good argument for not using a game engine, unless your goal is learning or to do something really unusual. For 2D, the argument is much weaker. I have found that WebGL/Javascript really suit my development style, so I'm happier writing most of the engine myself. One of the benefits is that the end result isn't affected by someone else's design and so is more likely to have an original 'feel' to it, if you get what I mean. Of course, we are using a number of libraries: nodewebkit for packaging as a desktop exe, matterjs for physics, and pixijs for WebGL rendering
  15. We have reached an important milestone with Goblins & Grottos: our first public release prototype! Prototype v0.1.7 available here! (Windows and OSX) The prototype has one game map built in, and the map editor component has been removed for the moment. The plan is to work on getting the map editor up to the standard needed for public release within the next month or so, and look towards another prototype at that stage. We also put the game up onto Steam Greenlight and would appreciate it if you could vote for us there!