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  1. Has anyone tried using Ccapture.js with Pixi? I tried but it seems to just stop the animation and nothing gets captured. I got it animating now but the .webm video is just showing black. var renderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(800, 600,{ backgroundColor : 0x1099bb, view: document.getElementById("view") }); // create the root of the scene graph var stage = new PIXI.Container(); var style = { fontFamily : 'Arial', fontSize : '36px', fontStyle : 'italic', fontWeight : 'bold', fill : '#F7EDCA', stroke : '#4a1850', strokeThickness : 5, dropShadow : true, dropShadowColor : '#000000', dropShadowAngle : Math.PI / 6, dropShadowDistance : 6, wordWrap : false, wordWrapWidth : 440 }; // var richText = new PIXI.Text('Rich text with a lot of options and across multiple lines',style); // richText.x = 30; // richText.y = 180; //stage.addChild(richText); var yincr = 0; for (var i = 0; i < 200; i++) { yincr = yincr + 40; var richText = new PIXI.Text('Rich text with a lot of options and across multiple lines',style); richText.x = 30; richText.y = yincr; stage.addChild(richText); } // Create a capturer that exports a WebM video var capturer = new CCapture({ format: 'webm', framerate: 60, verbose: true } ); capturer.start(); // start animating animate(); function animate() { requestAnimationFrame(animate); capturer.capture(document.getElementById("view")); stage.position.y -= 1; // render the root container renderer.render(stage); if(stage.position.y == -10){ capturer.stop(); // default save, will download automatically a file called {name}.extension (webm/gif/tar); return; } }
  2. I think I found a way to do it. I found this library called Ccapture.js. The nice thing is that it doesn't capture the frames in real time because it hijacks the requestAnimationFrame() method. Which lets it capture a smooth 60fps with no stutters. It even generates a webm video. I'll probably modify it so that it sends a bmp image to the server instead. All this will be running in a headless browser on the server anyway. I need large 1080 hd images and possibly 4K in the future.
  3. A couple questions with using BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshot() to create a video. Can CreateScreenshot() handle being called 60 fps to generate images? I noticed that there not antialiased. Why is that and how can I make it look like the way its rendered? Can I just hack the Tools.DumpFramebuffer() to make .bmp instead of .png? Thanks!
  4. Hey I'll add my 2 cents since a big part of my day job is UI design. Wingnut is right. Don't do it in canvas. You will just end up replicating what the browser is already good at. Rendering meta tags into a visual interface. I suggest before typing 1 line of code is to design the interface by drawing it. Its a lot easier to change your interface on paper or in a design app then to re-code something. Plus its much more freeing to trying new things and iterating your design. You're not going to get it right the first time or the 5th...maybe the tenth. ;-) I like to use Balsamiq to do my UI designs. Its very easy to use to focus on spacing and layout. Then you can worry about colors, text fonts and what not. You can use it free on there site or buy a seat which is reasonably priced. Theres plenty of frameworks to bind data to your UI that make it super easy too. I like RactiveJS since its template based and has tons of examples. Also it does a great job animating SVG, which could be used for other HUD like features. Hope this helps.
  5. Is this where we post things that are missing from the docs? I did see 1 of the post talking about a central place anyone can post too. Do we have that?
  6. @wingnut I absolutely agree about the "Oh wow" factor. I just went through some of the advance tutorials and couldn't believe the sweet physics engine it supported. Plus the ability to use video as a material. I'm shocked this framework isn't one of the top gaming frameworks. I will be tweeting about this framework as much as possible and doing my part to get the word out. Just found the api doc. You guys should list that under the "Documentation" section on the Github page. I've been a C# + javascript developer for 10+ yrs doing GIS development. Hoping to finally make a game after all these years of talking about it. You have a great community here hoping I can contribute a little.
  7. I've gone through most of the tutorials. BabylonJS so far looks like the best 3D WebGL game framework I've seen. So its kind of confuses me why I can't really find any finished games that use it. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. If you guys could list some that would be great. Is this framework being used alot or is it just not popular? Also my goal is to build an RTS game. Does anyone have any RTS game examples using Babylon? Thanks