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  1. @b10b you can use logo for free
  2. nice!! interesting mix of pixi and three.js But game doesn't load on Chrome/Android
  3. Hi, It is a web game. Nothing to install. So far I got around 60k game plays.
  4. Game is available for non-exclusive license and API integration. Please contact me


    from title, I thought pixi v5 was released sad now
  6. Hi, I am offering non-exclusive game license with branding and API integration. You can check my games here and you can contact me here
  7. Cute game. Loved it!! awesome graphics and music!
  8. you can add domain lock to your game. Related thread
  9. I miss MochiAds!! Has anyone tried ? any good?
  10. @mentuat Added background color change on level up.
  11. Good idea. I will do that.
  12. Also another option, Chrome dev tools has in-built FPS display. More details here, Unfortunately this is Chrome only feature. Don't know if Firefox has it.