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  1. I see a bunch of babies crying over nothing. If you want to learn something, just start doing it by example and you will learn eventually. If you want to have a personal tutor, just pay for it and get it done. What I see is a bunch of people that get Phaser for free and complain that can't find the perfect course also for free. In life there is nothing free, if you don't spend money you will have to spend time. Get over it!
  2. License is the best way to go. I started selling templates on sites like Scirra and CodeCanyon, then I moved into getting contracts and now I am licensing my games. License is better because a template you would sell for $15 - $30 while I get $300 for a non-exclusive contract for a game. Also, when I license a game I don't make the source code available while when you sell templates you kind of have to. I am finalizing my new website to go full time in licensing my games. I hope to quit my job as Marketing director to only dedicated my time in making games
  3. Hi all, Just found someone! I need help with a game built in CreateJS. Very simple task. Just remove a message from the gameover screen.PM me or email me at jogosgratispro at GMAIL.Thanks,
  4. @doubleduck I liked your site and your games. Kudos! I think the internet is big enough for all of us. I am putting together a new site for my startup as well. Let's see which design I will copy... JK LOL
  5. For me I prefer to use 405x720 now. It works perfect for both desktop and mobile
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