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  1. Hi players, I've just published my last game based on the Four Color Theorem. It's built in HTML5 with Phaser 3.19.0 ( and available on Kongregate. Link: If you don't know the four color theorem, here is a short abstract from Wikipedia ( In simple terms, the goal is to color the entire map so that two adjacent regions do not have the same color. Regions are called adjacent (next to each other) if they share a segment of the border, not just a point. The game is a good way to discover or experiment with that theorem. Have fun! Pascal
  2. Hi, I think the main issue with an html5 game is to handle correctly the dependencies (js libraries, assets, maybe some css, or webfonts, etc..) As far as I know, there isn't (yet?) an easy way to package the app and deliver it. You know, like with flash, where you can embed all ressources in your swf, for example. So, most of the time, deploying a game through an iframe is the easiest solution. With octopus, I host the game on my server at: and then, I tell Kongregate to embed it via an iframe. That said, if someone gives you a properly made zip file with all the ressources inside, and a well coded app, you should be able to successfully upload and run it. And you know, until a couple of years ago, there was no easy way to package a html5 app for mobile distribution. Today, through Phonegap or, it's quite easy, so it's probably only a matter of time. Pascal PS: I kind of give the exclusivity to Kongregate for this game, as I checked a box during its submission. So, I think it's not fare if I allow you to upload it on one of your gaming sites too.
  3. My HTML5 remake of the classic Nintendo Game and Watch title Octopus released on 1981: Octopus HTML5 http://www.kongregat...d/octopus-html5 Pascal
  4. My HTML5 remake of the classic Nintendo Game and Watch title Octopus released on 1981. Pascal
  5. Ramp Lab is live on Kongregate: For the moment it's nothing more than an editor with rankings, but I'm planning on including it in a more ambitious project. Pascal
  6. Hi guys, I've just released my last "game". I quoted "game" because basically it's just a sandbox. I'm currently working on a bigger project based on this demo. Pascal
  7. 89.68%, well done! Your idea of checkpoint is great. I like the fact you keep the same cube, so it's still interesting to start again if you passed a threshold with one or two disabled faces. From 0% to 100%, the game is scripted. You have the same colors every time you play. When you reach 100%, you are invited to continue in survival mode, so it's virtually endless. In this mode, the game simply ends when you miss one ball. I added this to allow the player to score on kongregate highscore board.
  8. Hi bambo, Actually, I tried with 3 axis, but the gameplay was very repetitive. With 3 axis, you always need just 1 click to get the right face in front of the ball. Whereas with 2 axis, when the ball comes upside, it's pretty easy to get it right, but when ball comes from left or right, you must action the cube twice or 3 times. I thought that was more challenging like that, maybe too hard, though.
  9. Hi, another game developed using Phaser, and published on Kongregate: Face it - Color Edition - To score, you are to collect the balls with right face of the cube as long as you can.
  10. Hi guys, Another game I developed with Phaser: Face it - Color Edition - Available on All you have to do is to collect the balls with the right face of the cube to score. Enjoy!
  11. Hi guys, I'm a Pascal, French developer.This is my first post here.I would like to show you, my first experience with the Phaser framework: Hexad. It's an original concept. A puzzle game with hexagons. To complete a level, you are required to destroy all pieces within a pre-determined number of strokes. I posted it on the website. Check it out: Your feedback is highly appreciated! Thanks, Pascal
  12. Hi guys, My first game with the Phaser framework published on Kongregate: It's an original concept. A puzzle game with hexagon. To complete a level, you are required to destroy all pieces within a pre-determined number of strokes.