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    flerokoo got a reaction from Umz in [WEBGL] 3D Solitaire   
    Wanted to show you a game i've just finished! Nothing unusual — just a classic klondike solitaire.
    Little bit too enthusiastic description from famobi catalog:
    Immerse yourself in this classic solitaire card game featuring stunning 3D graphics! Set in a mysterious ancient temple, your task is to move all cards onto the four foundation piles, sorted by suit and rank in ascending order from Ace to King. On the field, cards can only be sorted in descending order alternating colors. Choose between two card designs, a 1 and 3 card mode and the position of your deck for your convenience. Can you achieve a high score?
    Here's the link: https://play.famobi.com/3d-solitaire
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    flerokoo got a reaction from gaelbeltran in Hey, what's up with WebGL games?   
    According to http://webglstats.com/ more than 90% of all devices now support WebGL!
    Does that mean that it's (finally) time to make 3D games? Has someone had an experience in selling/distributing webgl based games? 
    And what do you guys think about 3d web games in general?
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    flerokoo got a reaction from austin in [WIP] Balloon Escape   
    Howdy, pardners!
    I am currently in state of finishing my new game called "Balloon Escape". 
    Check it out by the link below and leave feedback!
    P.S. Click the logo about ten times to open all levels

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    flerokoo got a reaction from Smrdis in Is there any way to distribute games virally?   
    Hey guys
    Is there any good way to distribute games virally?
    Also i would really love to hear about results in case someone tried to do it.