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  1. ok thanks David for the information, I will go through the file format and give it a shot to extract or convert the needed components into blender format
  2. hi, In that case, Is there any other way to import it? May be a converter for .babylon to some other format which can be imported in blender. I just want to import meshes and materials and convert it into obj files. Thanks
  3. Hi, can someone advise me on how to import the babylon file into blender. The blender plugin for babylon only has exporter.
  4. yeah that can be done. In my case as there are fixed number of models, I ended up removing the parent child relationship and applied the scaling and position for all models simultaneoulsy on mouse action.
  5. In this case, only parent dictates the position and scaling. Is it possible to group them in a way that even if a child is moved, all the group members should also reflect the same?