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  1. Hey Everyone, I just completed and released a simple, physics based game that user Phaser. As the circle, your job is to avoid the triangles and gain points by hitting the rectangles. The game gets progressively harder after certain point thresholds are reached. The level change is indicated by the player (circle) changing colors. The game is intended to be challenging, however there is strategy in controlling the player which will allows for much higher scores. Leaderboard and achievements have been included on each platform using Google Play Games and iOS Game Center. The iOS version has a new version with bug fixes waiting for review (current version still playable), but the Android version is up-to-date. Feedback is welcome. Thanks
  2. Just published "Shape It Off", a simple game using Phaser and CocoonJS CLI. Currently released for Android, but has been submitted for iOS also. Includes integration with Google Play Games and iOS Game Center.