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  1. L2L2L

    logic spacing problem

    Anyone care to help me with this logic problem? The box will over laps sometimes going left, and going right it'll totally cover the box before it or after it... Not very sure how to fix this. Anyone that can help have my thanks. here a link to my code: http://codepen.io/L2L2L/pen/mJaMyM
  2. How to make a sprite/image/bitmapText visible only in a specific area. like the canvas is a specific area; it's a rectangular area. And if anything go pass it's width, or height, it is cut/crop off. I want that effect. How do I get that effect. The only thing I came close to getting that effect is calculating and manipulating the sprite/image/bitmapText texture.crop property, and a few other property like the width, height, x, y, etc. But other problem raise do to this. Can anyone help me?
  3. how to keep something from appearing outside of an area.
  4. Where does phaser parse the XML document that contain the text location for the bitmap font sprite-sheet image? Where does it use this information to render the sprite font to the screen from the image? I tried to follow it, and as far as I can tell it use a native implantation to parse the XML URL or XML string, than it store it. Where does it retrieve this parse XML document and than extract the data needed to locate the correct text sprite from the image, than render it to the screen aka canvas? I might edit this later...
  5. Is there no other to suggestion programs that is easier to use, and give great artistic strength in characters appearance? Can inkscape do bitmap font generator.
  6. Which cost money and the window version look crappy as hack!
  7. Oh man this look sick... Oh man!!!!
  8. I mark as solve cause I could not disregard this post and the time you took to reply.... But I would still like to hear other suggestions... Like the phaser example with the custom bitmap text; what tool did she/he use to make that.
  9. It doesn't seem to give artistic ability to how the character look.
  10. How to make my own bitmap font? Can I use Inkscape? If so, how? What else beside Inkscape can I use?
  11. replaceRGB does not seem to replace all the color, it leaves an outline of the before color. How can I replace it entirely?