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  1. FYI, I've made a temporary solution now, where RESIZE is only set when device is desktop, otherwise it's using SHOW_ALL Is RESIZE really not compatible with devices using pixelRatio's above 1?
  2. It should be said that if I change it to SHOW_ALL - and do nothing else - the game will look sharp once again (but game will look scaled down).
  3. Hi everyone I recently changed to use the RESIZE scale mode so I can make the game fully responsive, and that worked great. However, the game now looks pixelated on retina devices, e.g. my iPhone 6. Initially, I thought it was because I no longer set the game width/height as a multiplication of the pixelRatio, but even though I added that back in, the pixelation still occurs. I set the game up like this: new Phaser.Game( window.innerWidth * window.devicePixelRatio, window.innerHeight * window.devicePixelRatio, Phaser.AUTO, "renderer");In boot function, I set the game up like this: = true; = true; = 1; = Phaser.ScaleManager.RESIZE; Constants.GAME_MIN_WIDTH, Constants.GAME_MIN_HEIGHT, Constants.GAME_WIDTH, Constants.GAME_HEIGHT); = true; = true;;And my resize function calls a setGameScale function, that is called at the end of create and on every resize: var resolution = this.getGameResolution();var desiredAspectRatio = Constants.GAME_WIDTH / Constants.GAME_HEIGHT;var screenAspectRatio = resolution.width / resolution.height;if (screenAspectRatio < desiredAspectRatio) { / 16 * 9) / Constants.GAME_HEIGHT);} else { / 9 * 16) / Constants.GAME_WIDTH);}if ( > 1) { /;};I really can't figure out what goes wrong :-/
  4. Hi everyone I've been working on a small game in Phaser for a little while now, which is to be played inside a Cordova app on iOS and Android. Things have been nicely, but with iOS8, we started experiencing some weird issues with WebGL. Essentially, running our game with the WebGL on iOS8 devices (not iOS7!) causes a significant performance dip (from ~60 fps to ~10-15 fps), and not only that, whenever we've started the game in WebGL, open enough other apps to make ours hibernate and then re-open it, the app crashes and instantly restarts (100% repro). A crash log snippet which shows it happens in the GLEngine: Thread 3 Crashed:0 libGPUSupportMercury.dylib 0x314298fe 0x31428000 + 63981 IOAccelerator 0x31f3ac7d 0x31f39000 + 72932 libGPUSupportMercury.dylib 0x3142de67 0x31428000 + 241673 GLEngine 0x2d098c27 0x2d072000 + 1587594 OpenGLES 0x2d14ba2b 0x2d14a000 + 66995 WebCore 0x36409d8b 0x359d4000 + 107063156 WebCore 0x36109103 0x359d4000 + 75573797 JavaScriptCore 0x2bba67f3 0x2b92a000 + 2607091Does anyone else experience these issues? I thought WebGL was supposed to be running amazing in iOS8, but so far it's not been good to work with. FYI, running the game in Canvas instead of iOS8 is fine and with pretty good performance as well. Obviously we'd prefer to target WebGL though. Thanks for the help