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  1. It might be a good idea to get head start on WebGL games. 3D HTML5 games in particular might be the next "genre" to be in demand. I have a few templates ready to go with some 3D HTML5 games made with GameMaker Studio. Here is a 3D game/demo I put together recently: I would like to think that the old common 3D bowling game would be very popular in HTML5 for most publishers for instance.
  2. Sent an email, let me know what you think.
  3. Found this out recently. For all those GameMaker Studio users out there, I went ahead and submitted a bug report. Add this code in your index.html - It belongs right before the script that runs your game.js file for a quick fix: <!-- Run the game code --><script type="text/javascript">window.addEventListener("touchend", ios_unlock_sound, false);function ios_unlock_sound(event) { var buffer = g_WebAudioContext.createBuffer(1, 1, 22050); var source = g_WebAudioContext.createBufferSource(); source.buffer = buffer; source.connect(g_WebAudioContext.destination); source.noteOn(0); window.removeEventListener("touchend", ios_unlock_sound, false);}</script>
  4. Try automating things you do over and over to crunch time. Check out Autohotkey or other macro software. Ludum Dare veterans are pro at crunching time and usually share their techniques through tutorials. I also find that many sponsors are more amazed by the feel your game gives off through the quality of your graphics and audio rather than how unique the gameplay is. If it's sponsorship money you're after, then a "game" where you dress up a girl might make you more money then a complete RPG game. - This I find even funnier. haha For a non-exclusive license, I offer $400 minimum. You may be able to get away with more depending on how big the sponor is.
  5. Very cool, I like how fast it runs. May I ask what engine you used?
  6. Ditto what Bolko said! My main goal for this year is to expand my portfolio. I need enough games to start my own game portal. My bonus goal is to impress publishers with native-like mobile HTML5 games, I want to raise the standard of what an HTML5 game can be.
  7. If the browser is using WebGL, use the new audio engine. If the browser is NOT using WebGL, then use the legacy sound engine. If you use auto detect, set up some sound scripts like so.. if(audio_system() == audio_old_system)then //No WebGL - So use old system. { sound_play(argument0); //Play legacy sound } else { audio_play_sound(argument0, 0, false); //Play sound with new engine } If you are using 8-bit/chiptune style audio, you can down sample the audio and choose the lowest quality to reduce the size of the audio files. I reduced a 2mb song to 200kb this way and the quality is still decent. The audio even works on my cheap $30 LG test phone on the android stock browser by using this method.
  8. Very cool game here. I love the blood splat when someone gets crushed.
  9. I think every game dev eventually ends up making a zombie game or thinks about it one way or another. It may be unavoidable, I've recently been thinking of adding a zombie game to my portfolio. It seems like a prerequisite to be considered a game dev. haha
  10. I started with HTML5 through Game Maker Studio. I knew very little javascript, but I was ok with basic html/css. I realized that I was only getting about 1000 downloads a year on my PC Games which seemed very low to me. A friend told me that he wanted to try my games, but he couldn't because he didn't know how to install it! So I put together a little something with HTML5 and that just opened the door. I worked at Disney for 3 years and quit to work with HTML5 full-time. haha