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  1. I like to play it and for me the instructions are totally fine! The game play feels good. I would like to have it more polished.
  2. Nice idea! I just added a button with a question mark which is linked to the how-to-play guide.
  3. Hey, thanks for your feedback – I am very happy you say it looks polished! I think this game Revello can still improve with smooth animated discs and sounds like the iOS app with native UI (but AI with JavaScript): I have checked out your site You also like board games – cool! :-)
  4. I really like this game: Smooth animations, is running on any device, nice sounds and a great gameplay! I am impressed!
  5. This board game is available online: My focus was on the computer AI. This game has five computer opponents and the champions mode is very powerful, but it's responding fast without making long calculations for the next move! Actually I wanted to develop this game for iOS only, but then I discovered the JavaScriptCore Library by Apple. I was exited, because my JavaScript code in this project works a lot faster than other Othello engines written in C. And the best of all: it can also be used for other platforms! This game is also optimized for mobile devices and I tried my best to create a polished design.