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  1. Learning #SCL #ClockCheese #gamedev code rebuild step 14 online Alt-chaining (I'm sick ths morn-sorry f writing poor

  2. @totor - I'm looking for a single service that would provide advertising and iap. Ideally, such a service would provide for split revenue payouts between the different developers on a project (like EpicGameAds does but only for Flash). It has been about a year since I looked for a solution, maybe something new has come up since then.
  3. I've been struggling with finding a monetization route. I want to be able to offer a universal monetization solution. "Universal" meaning a single solution for web/desktop/mobile but also for native iOS and Android builds compiled with Cordova. I'm finding it really difficult. In fact I logged on now to ask opinions about Kongregate solutions. Which I'll do in another post.
  4. I made a pacman knock-off a few years ago but decided to change the theme to avoid copyright issues etc. Now I call the game "Shear Terror" and it is a sheep avoiding shears. I'd like to find an artist with some game play ideas so I can improve the game and publish to iOS and Android. Also to find a revenue stream. Please check out the game And if you have art/design skills please send me a note. Thanks.
  5. SCL

    52 Pickup Plus

    Yesterday I released the first Android game created using my SCL game engine. (SCL+Cordova) This version of 52 Pickup has a twist in that you need to remove cards off the top of the pile in order to form straights and sets. I first published the game around 1992-94. Android download here: You can play in a touch-enabled browser here: Preview video: SCL is a language I created over the past 6 years that is interpreted by Javascript at run time. Essentially it handles the canvas rendering for you using declarative "create" statements. The web site (see my signature) has a lot more information and a developer studio if you want to try it out.
  6. Hi everyone, thanks for replying and sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I guess I need to turn on notifications somewhere. n-gauge: thanks for the tip. I have not experienced the problem the you are describing but I'll look into those tags asap. spinnerbox: SCL is interpreted by JS at run time. I actually create SCL using Haxe. I have prepped two apps created with SCL for Android and iOS. One will probably be released this week. Both are little games, one you can play now at (52 Pickup). I'm back into this full time now, so please msg me any questions.
  7. I've created a game engine for making simple games. I've some examples up at The engine is hosted at The engine itself is a language that is interpreted at runtime by Javascript. It runs on most browsers, desktop and mobile. There are tons of docs and examples and also a developer studio that you can try without signing up. I've placed a LeadBolt ad to run while games load. My plan is to collect developer ad revenue from whatever agency I finally choose and split ad revenue with scl developers. Most ad rev would go to developers. I know there are some features that are needed sooner than later. Like an instructions screen for players and handling different screen sizes. I'll likely add these soon. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I tried to find a solution like this but was unable because I need a revenue split with other developers. To your question, if you don't need a revenue split then I think you Leadbolt might be able to help you. More info: Games made with my SCL platform run inside browsers for all devices. I looked for an ad network that could show HTML ads as a preload and as interstitial. I had the extra requirement that the network could split revenue between developers. I know this can be done on Flash ad networks. What I found was that no ad networks (as of last fall) could do both: HTML ad and revenue split. If a company did Flash games, then they could do the revenue split, but not HTML ads. If a company did mobile ads in HTML, then they were unequiped for revenue splits. I'm still looking and plan to research more today actually. I'm not sure if any of this helps you, my experience in mobile is so far a bit limited but I hope it helped.
  9. I apologise if this isn't appropriate for this form. I've created a language and development tool to simplify the development of simple, portable games. I've made a handful of example knock-off games but I would like to find someone with a great imagination and time to create more. Partly this will test my system, and partly it will build more demos. My hope is that eventually the benefits of the tool will lead to developers and advertisers. The end result would be for me to split ad revenue with developers. To summarize, I'm seek an imaginative game developer to learn my development tool and create some games with it. If a game is particularly great we can easily publish to all mobile platforms as well (via cordova). The development site is The current set of sample games are at