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  1. I have try with : var up = new BABYLON.Vector3(mesh.position.x, mesh.position.y, 0.02);mesh.moveWithCollisions(up);But it's the same, the cube move in axe Z but the physic/gravity and collisions stop. I don't understand why. Do you have any suggestions?
  2. I don't have a finish playground because I want to know all I need to complete this. I have make more test and I found two problem. Here my two examples: In the Example1, all work, physics and collisions but I have a problem on the center of the playground. A collision is enable like a mesh is availlible but invisible. In my blend file, I don't have mesh on the center! In the Example2, I have add move action with 'deplacement' function (whose works fine), but when I move the mesh, the Physics, maybe all the word stop, but I don't undestand why.The move function is on the runRenderLoop function. You can move with keyword Z and S (europ keyboard).
  3. Yes of course, I can show you my project too. I have create a zip folder on my dropbox: I have two versions, one with the inclined ground and one without.
  4. I try to enable collisions with all meshes of my ground (for exemple ground.babylon) and an other mesh import an another file (for example a cube in cube.Babylon). The collision with the ground is enable with "check collision" option, because if I uncheck this, the cube cross the ground. So I thank, the option "check collision" is not only to the camera. But it's doesn't work for the other meshes of the ground like walls for exemple. I use actualy Oimo.js
  5. Yes the physics work fine,and I have activate options like you say but I don't undestand why in my first step the ground is on property rotation 0,0,0 the cube have collision with the ground and why in my second step when I have rotate a little the ground, the cube don't touche the ground. All mesh are set in "rigid body" to Box collisions, the ground with 0.00001 mass and cube 0.5 mass for the step one and two (I have just change rotation). So I think the problem is a precision of collision, because when I don't use Blender and I make the scene with source code only (javascript), the function IntersectMesh have a option "precision" enable at true or false whose resolve the problem. Like this tutorial: But maybe isn't possible directly with import Blender?
  6. I don't have gravity option because I have last version of blender and babylonjs I think, but I have mass option. Unfortunately, I don't find IntersectMesh precise option, to enable this option at true. Because by default the precise option is false and I get this problem: But when I make the ground x/y/z at the initial positions it's ok: So it's a problem for me. To create this, I enabled "rigid body" option with mass at 0 for the ground and 0.5 for the cube. And I enabled shape with box option. And the babylonjs option to check collisions
  7. Hello guys, I have try many to make many script with babylonjs and blender, but I have always different problem. So I come to ask you if you know a good tutorial who explain how load blender file (map and object), and use the gravity and collisions, move, all at the same time? I have find how to load blender file with this tutorial :, so the load it's ok. Without blender, all works fine, but with blender sometime collisions don't work, sometime gravity, so I don't undestand. Thank you very much for your help!
  8. Hello, Since some month, I have discover Babylon.js framework, and it's a very good work for developper. In my project to learn this framework, I have load a ground with wall and a cube to simulate a person. I have activate all collisions for all meshes, physics (mass, shape: box) and export with the extension blender. I have test in sandox offline and my blender file work. After, I have create a script in JS and all meshes are load successfuly, but collisions doesn't work! I have find a tutoriel who need to create a bounding box to use .intersectsMesh(), but nothing work too. I think I have forget something, but I don't see. Can you help me, plz? Thank you very much. Here the begin of my project to undestand my problem and see scripts: