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  1. How was this accomplished finally in Feudal Wars?
  2. I'm working on a game with a fairly complex UI. I was wondering about best practices to build an in-game UI. Should I use Phaser to build the UI constructs in the canvas or surround the canvas with raw HTML to simplify things? Are there any plugins for building UI's like a dashboard / console / command station type of UI elements? Thanks!
  3. Faced the same problem. As stated in the threads here, it works with 2.2. However, I had to define a shim for it to work.
  4. Did you figure this out?
  5. I'm trying to detect a possible collision between objects that could be stationary or moving in any direction (angle). 1. I want the object to be notified when a particle/object is inbound for collision. Essentially, I want to introduce AI where the object will take action when it is shot at or an enemy is approaching. 2. Another use-case is for scanning. I'd like an entity to be able to spot its enemies and get info like distance, velocity, type, etc. I've read through the documentation, examples, posts on the forum and searched online, but I've clearly missed something. Does anyone k
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