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  1. in-app purchase, level up version
  2. Not yet, our platform is ready but not released, so this will be our first game to be licensed.
  3. Hello All, we have high budget for licensing and want to find a good game to be released inside and outside China. Currently, we prefer games with complete function system, games with paid items will be better.
  4. WORLDWIDE. We are not looking for games for Chinese, but players worldwide for our new English platform.
  5. We get plenty of games, thank you for your trust and support, we will arrange to test them all soon. Btw, we prefer new and exclusive games, if you have bunch games, we prefer just some recommendation , because can't test them all in a short time.
  6. Hi All, As our English version is about to release recently, we need some awesome new games to add to the platform. Email me your wonderful works if you are looking for a new partner to license your game. Hoowu Team Email: business51h5@hotmail.com or chenjingyi@51h5.com
  7. Hello All, Our Contest has come to the end on April. We want to thank you for your support and all developers’ great works. The following site is all about the entries, the votes can be accounted for 20% of the total score. Please find your favorite games for your vote! Thank you all! Voting Page: http://open.51h5.com/contest-vote.html Hoowu Team
  8. Hi All, The best games of Hoowu Contest has been announced! Congratulations! Pimi Jumper : http://www.51h5.com/game-index-id-831.html Candy Hunter: http://www.51h5.com/game-index-id-799.html
  9. Hey, his account is arseniy in this forum. Good luck!
  10. Hello All, our contest come closed to the end. I hope all developers can catch the last chance to win our big prize!
  11. Hi, there are many engines, I am not sure which engine the developer use for these games, maybe you can post a question on the forum, they might help you
  12. Yeah exactly! My connection is so bad that I can't modify for what I post...
  13. Sorry, I mean above games wins the best games in Feb, because they are submitted during February. Sorry for the mistake.
  14. Hello all, Below is the list of best games on February, congratulations! Swing Copters:http://www.51h5.com/game-index-id-734.html Drop Me: http://www.51h5.com/game-index-id-779.html Disco Bridge: http://www.51h5.com/game-index-id-736.html Blobs Plops: http://www.51h5.com/game-index-id-737.html Our contest will be ended in March, developers who need server support please contact us! We will choose the winners for the big prize after March, don't miss your last chance! Best, 51H5.COM