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  1. dear anyone, i want to create a track of timing data that corresponds to the spoken syllables from an audio track. ie: for a given audio track (of speech) i'd like to create a track where each syllable of 'video' (for instance) would be created corresponding to the Vid-Ee-O sounds. it's for creating kinetic typography with. firstly, if anyone knows of an audio utility (or github project) that does something like this that would be great. if not i might have to make my own. was hoping i could make a HTML5 app that might do it, roughly as follows.... >> get the app to display the waveform data on the screen & play through it. ideally with some checkbox for changing the playback speed (to slow) >> underneath have another 'track' that - when the above audio track is playing - creates markers every time the user presses a key (but otherwise keeps going). with hopefully the ability to slide these markers around later (a la editing) but i can probably figure this bit out myself the attached image is a rough idea of how it might look in the browser (blue = marker, red = playhead) if anyone knows if this is easy to do with the web audio api or in any other way any suggestions v welcome david
  2. html5gamedevs, i wanna make some html5 presentations. nothing too fancy. just images & animations, text, a bit of video, some sound. nothing you couldn't do in flash years ago i've seen some of the animation libraries & for what i want they'll do the trick. the problem is synchronizing bits of sound to animations that happen in the browser window from what i've seen a reliable cross-platform HTML5 audio solution seems non-existent at the moment. is this true??? i have seen a javascript library called SoundManager2, though it didn't seem 100% convincing when i read about it. but either way, was figuring maybe some of u gamedev guys would've wrestled with this beast already & perhaps already have a good feel for the html5 audio landscape as it currently stands anyways, any ideas & suggestions appreciated