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  1. Revamped fury so instead of it decaying over time it decays every time you attack, also messed with some of the early game stats to make upgrading stamina less overpowered.
  2. More updates! Some of the animations have been edited to look smoother and the stamina system has been revamped to make first few waves a lot easier on beginners. Feedback would be much appreciated
  3. Hello I am looking for someone to help me install a publishers API into my game, you will be paid. If interested please email me at m@ivatrix.com thanks.
  4. Hi I'm looking to add javascript functions to game maker for an API, but the format of them is like this: companyname.initialize({soundMuteCallback: muteSound, // optionalsoundUnmuteCallback: unmuteSound // optional});And in the file they look like this this.initialize = function(params) {companyname.getSharedEventCenter().postEvent(SharedEventKeys.API_INITIALIZE);_isInitialized = true;if (typeof params !== "undefined") {var muteSoundCallback = ("soundMuteCallback" in params && typeof params["soundMuteCallback"] === "function") ? params["soundMuteCallback"] : undefined;var unmuteSoundCallback = ("soundUnmuteCallback" in params && typeof params["soundUnmuteCallback"] === "function") ? params["soundUnmuteCallback"] : undefined;_adsManager.setSoundCallbacks(function() {typeof muteSoundCallback === "function" && muteSoundCallback();[].forEach.call(document.getElementsByTagName("audio"), function(element){element.muted = true;});}, function() {typeof unmuteSoundCallback === "function" && unmuteSoundCallback();[].forEach.call(document.getElementsByTagName("audio"), function(element){element.muted = false;});});}_tryShowAd();};Does anyone have any idea how to do this in game maker? I don't know what information to put in the extension function properties.
  5. I think I'm going to start approaching sponsors soon to see what they think of the game, does anyone else have any more feedback?
  6. Game has been updated with some bug fixes and tweaks around fury, stamina and hit-boxes to make the game more enjoyable Give it a try here.
  7. Thanks crayonHero! I'm glad to hear that
  8. Cheers for the input! I'll try tweaking some stuff around tomorrow morning so that there's some more clarity and a better feel to hitting things and fury As for the flickering it's changing to a random upgrade over and over again until it doesn't match the two above, maybe I'll make it invisible until it's found one for those awkward moments where it keeps trying to choose one that all ready exists. Really good advice! I'll definitely be taking it into account.
  9. Play Squire Saga Game Description: Fight waves of monsters, upgrade your character and try to fend off as many waves as possible in this great action game. Any feedback is appreciated!
  10. To my knowledge, most people won't even hear it on their phones. Then there's the problem of how bad audio can ruin ambience, so would you think it's a total deal breaker having a game with no audio?
  11. Just out of curiosity how much do games sell for when they are bought outright? Is it the same kind of price range as an exclusive licence deal or more/less?
  12. http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-DMCA-Take-Down-Request In the future, find a way to site lock your game to save the hassle.
  13. Chompy Saga Chompy Saga is my first game made for HTML5 using Game Maker Studio. Game Description: Help feed Chompy the dinosaur and all of his friends in this exciting Match Three game! Features include 100 levels of fun and 7 different dinosaurs with special effects to play, can you beat Chompy Saga?
  14. Have game development as pretty much my only source of income while studying at uni. Move cities. Play more games. Begin creating videos and streaming. Increase traffic to my website.
  15. Well I know Leadbolt targets specifically mobile, and their ads often look something like this: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ad.leadboltmobile.net/show_app_ad.js?section_id=INSERTIDHERE"></script>Leadbolt has heaps of different kinds of ads you could include into your game, and all the user would have to change is the ID. Only difficulty I see is, that users would have to sign up and go through the registration process before they have the correct ID to display.