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  1. Hi all, Could you help how i can stop detecting collision between two sprites after detecting? this.game.physics.arcade.collide(this.animal, this.animal, this.stopanimzwierz, null, this); After collision i have function which is stop moving sprites, but sprites still staying in collision so i am not possible to start next function which is moving those sprites. Could you help me to find solution? In simple way i want to stop sprites, stop collision between them to move it again with automatically function.
  2. Maybe You've right, so i stay on older version. I'm waiting for new version beccause i hope about will be better generation map Now bigger maps with some layers are a little lagging when camera move. Maybe someone have a fixes to better generation map when the camera move? Now i am using Phaser.Graphis to generate game, that give a lot on lower PC's and on layers i disabled: this.backgroundlayer.renderSettings.enableScrollDelta = false; can i do something else? Thanks for answer
  3. Hi, i have a problem with implementation new version of Phaser. I downloaded zip from link : https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser And them copy file Phaser.js to my serwer. When i run game i have a wrong: ReferenceError: PIXI is not defined and: TypeError: Phaser is undefined When i try to copy Phaser.js from version v3 i have a wrong: TypeError: Phaser.Game is not a constructor Later version working fine, but i try to test new version. Can anyone help?
  4. Edit: It was working fine one a good computer, but in slower computer it working slow too.. I try on new version of phaser, someone tested it?
  5. hi, the game is working very fine when i change: TopDownGame.game = new Phaser.Game(1024, 640, Phaser.AUTO, 'TRESC'); to: TopDownGame.game = new Phaser.Game(1024, 640, Phaser.CANVAS, 'TRESC'); What dou You think about this method? It is have any consequences?
  6. this.map.addTilesetImage('zew5', 'gamezewnetrzne'); this.map.addTilesetImage('all3', 'gameall'); //create layer this.backgroundlayer = this.map.createLayer('backgroundLayer'); this.blockedLayer = this.map.createLayer('blockedLayer'); this.backgroundLayer2 = this.map.createLayer('backgroundLayer2'); this.blockedLayer1 = this.map.createLayer('blockedLayer1'); this.secondLayer = this.map.createLayer('secondLayer'); this.thirdLayer = this.map.createLayer('thirdLayer'); this.funkcje = this.map.createLayer('funkcje'); //collision on blockedLayer this.map.
  7. Ok, i found what is the problem. When i have only one layer, background, the game is working fine, but when i add coliision layer, the work is lagging. So maybe someone have ide how to create map which will have a little layers and work fine?
  8. I try to make map of the same size like before, but wiht smaller tile set (15,6 kb) and the map if working like before, it is jumping.. where i can look for problem?
  9. Hi, I try to make a map in tilemap editor in phaser. I done it, but when i move player and camerac, the map is jams and lag.. Has anyone can tell mi, what i must to do to create map running fine? I have 6 layers, and little big tile set (2,91 mb) it can be a problem? What i must correct to do map running fine when move? I will be gratefull for help
  10. I dont know what kind of game you want to do, but i started with this tutorial: https://gamedevacademy.org/html5-phaser-tutorial-top-down-games-with-tiled/ Maps are creating in tiled editor and them using in phaser
  11. Ok, ii'm trying and trying to do some examples. I have a qestion because i dont have a nice tutorial talking step by step.. Command to instal node, npm and mysql and other commens i must use in cmd console or in node console? I found some commend which give me wrong in cmd and node console.. For example, in this tutorial author is using cmd or node console? http://javascript-html5-tutorial.com/node-js-introduction.html He linked node.js and npm to download, but i new wersion node npm is in it yes? I know about this is something other than
  12. Hi, Show what tilesprite it is, and screen of what you have got when you play animation
  13. Thanks for Your answer friends. I'll try to make yesterday some examples with socket.io, but this is very hard for me to understand. I dont have idea how to start it.. Maybe someone can tell me step by step with what file i need to start. If i think good i should start connect in main page where i have a game screen. Them i should transfer data to the game.js where i have mai code of game (create and update function), and what next? What i should do in phaser? I should check to see if anything has changed and them do it with sprite in phaser? First question is what i n
  14. Here i found a nice topic about multiplayer in phaser: So, i think better solution will be when i use connection with database. But what i should to do it? I need to have any table in data base where will be x,y and id player? Them i need to all time sendinq request using ajax to the data base and if it different them move the object to the actual point?
  15. I start to think about node.js is good idea to my project.. maybe i should to do this map by looping in update function.. anyone can have aby idea?
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