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    Hi, I'm new to this whole phaser thing, and I looked around for an answer to my question, but here I am. Here is the github project that I am working on. In my main.js file, which I have in the root directory of the project, I load the images as follows: // Load the imagesfunction preload(){ game.load.image('background', 'TagJam18/images/Background.png') game.load.image('platform', 'TagJam18/images/Platform.png') game.load.image('Wall', 'TagJam18/images/Wall.png') // Sprite sizes are inconsistent so there is no way to do these with constants // The only real way is to resize the windo
  2. Okay. I can now shed some light on it now that I putzed around with it for a while. Here's what you want to do. Go down to your little console in your cloud9 environment, open and copy the hellophaser folder into the home directory. The command should look look something like this: cp -r resources/tutorials/01\ Getting\ Started/hellophaser .That's not super human readable, so I'm going to explain to you what's happening in case you ever need to do a similar operation. First of all This is your copy command: cpIt can copy stuff from one place and put it into another place. But the cp comman
  3. Hey there, I am also a Phaser.io noob, but I am pretty familiar with cloud9 so let me try to explain the problem a little better since I am having the same problem too. There is no obvious way in cloud9 to run code. If you go to the hellophaser.html file, you can run that file, but all you get is an index of all the files ever. From there, I tried entering into the address bar for the cloud9 the /hellophaser addition that is perscribed in the getting started tutorial. This renders a page not found error. So. I guess the question is how can someone run code in an already set up phaser repositor
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