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  1. Hi, Been trying to get Spriter Pro collision boxes to work in Phaser - has anyone had any luck in getting this to work? I'm close...but not quite there... This is using this plugin by the way:
  2. Hi, My second year of participating in the js13kGames competition. I ended up making Super Dragon Rescue, a Super Mario Bros 2 clone, with 5 levels and an End boss. I've made platformers before, so to challenge myself I added sloping terrain. Controls: Arrow keys to move and jump, Jump on top of stuff and then press Z to pick it up and chuck it. Play it here: Gameplay gif: End boss: The game is a little glitchy, there's no sound and there's a few bugs, but I'll fix those in the post-jam version
  3. On my list of things to try, will let you know if I get something working. Here's something I suggest using CrossWalk instead of Ionic. I've built some test apps with that and performance was ok. Downside is the app size goes from 2-3Mb to 50Mb
  4. I working on my first game in Phaser, a pirate baking sim, where the player controls two hands using mouse and keyboard and interacts with items on the kitchen bench. BUT I got stuck on a specific problem: I would like to be able to find a point under the 'hands' of the arms, so that I can use that to add items in the correct place in the gameworld, and I want to use the same point to identify what is under the 'hands', so that the user can interact with and pickup items. The x and y coordinates of righthand.getBounds() are close to correct, but I suspect that is not the correct approach. The arms are currently just plain sprites, fixed to the camera and anchored to rotate around the bottom center edge. // right armthis.rightHand = this.handsGroup.create( 1074, 800, 'righthand' );this.rightHand.scale.set(0.75 , 0.75 );this.rightHand.anchor.setTo(0.5, 1.0);this.rightHand.frame = 0;this.rightHand.rotation = this.arms.rotR;this.rightHand.fixedToCamera = true;Is there is an easy solution or am I modelling my game incorrectly? The (unfinished) pirate baking game with graphics, music. hookhands etc is here: I've attached a zip file with a cut down version of the code (feel free to use it to make yer own pirate arm waving game, arrrr! The attached code omits the heaving bench and sliding objects. Thanks, Marcel
  5. Themes have been announced, go check them out. To quote another jammer: "Those are some weird ass themes" Also, prizes for all participants!
  6. No mention of it in the API. Hmmm, enchant js dev mentions it on his blog. You may have to write your own mouse motion listener. This incomplete example uses jQuery to get the canvas offset. Getting the mouse coordinates on a canvas requires some browser kludges and jQuery makes it a little easier. yourcanvas.addEventListener("mousemove", function(event) {var canvas = document.getElementById('yourcanvas'),var x = event.pageX - canvas.offsetLeft,var y = event.pageY - canvas.offsetTop;...});
  7. TL;DR The Arbitrary Gamejam 18 (#tagjam18) is the 18th game jam in a series of monthly game jams: Each month is hosted by winner of previous month.Runs from Jan 16 to Jan 18, 2015 (72hrs)Themes will be announced 24hrs before the start of the jam.@madmarcel won TAGJam 17 with an HTML5 entry.More info here: The Arbitrary Game (TAG) Jam is a monthly game jam with three random themes to challenge your creativity! Entries are judged by the host and winner gets an opportunity to host TAG jam next month. TAG is a game jam with the goal of promoting small and unknown indie game developers. The winner of one month's game jam will be "tagged" and is responsible for hosting the next month's game jam, pulling traffic to their websites. (That’s the prize or punishment for winning.) Participants can tweet using #tagjam18 to let others know that that are planning to participate. Themes The gamejam will have three themes. Participants must address one of the themes in their game. Games which address more themes will be rated higher. Participants have complete freedom in how they interpret and incorporate one or more of the themes into their game. The three themes will be generated using a random word generator. TAG is intentionally arbitrary to encourage outside-the-box thinking and wild combinations. The host also provides two optional bonus themes. Hope to see you there.