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  1. Hello VEmpire follower, VEmpire - The Kings of Darkness is a vampire themed digital deck-building game, inspired by one of history's most influential royal dynasties - the House of Habsburg. It is available on Steam for Early Access and it is already a great game. If you do not have the game already and want to check it out: VEmpire-WebDemo. (HTML5) VEmpire is a community driven game. We always have listened to our players and we will continue and finish the development of the game exactly in this way! But this is not doable without your support, therefore we have launched a Kickstarter Campaign. Please support us now and make the best ideas of the community become a reality! Sharing this is also fantastic support! cheers, yours Wolfgang
  2. Hi folks! Finally! VEmpire is released on the appstore: Thanks for all your support guys! cheers, wolf!
  3. Hi folks! Wow it has been a long journey until here, but we are close to the release on the appstore, and also on toucharcade: We do not have a special video for mobile (the game itself is not different anyway!), but this release video: More content is available here: Thanks for all your support guys! SOME Screenshots: [IPHONE] [IPAD]
  4. Hi folks! Finally! VEmpire is available on STEAM: and yes it is still 100 pure html5 ;-) cheers, wolf
  5. thanks man, this means a lot to us! Finally the store-page is online: Thanks to all your great support until now (Test, Feedback...) !!! For Tips regarding Marketing & Promotion I would be really grateful! -cheers, wolfgang
  6. Hi guys! I'm happy to announce that we are currently preparing VEmpire for Early-Access on Steam! The planned release date is 28'th of August! I cannot share the store-page atm (but soon!) because I'm currently waiting for the approval! But here the current announcement-trailer: cheers, wolfgang...
  7. Hi Guys! Yes it is true, it is: VEmpire closed-BETA Time! sign up here: and the latest trailer: see you in the game soon! -wolfgang!
  8. Hi! I love to share our "CLOSED-BETA" Trailer! Tell me what you think & Sign up if you have not already! Thanks... -wolf....
  9. Hi All! We have some great news to share! At the start of the game you are going to select your "King Of Darkness" now! Here "Sisi" a "Queen Of Darkness" And last but not least, please subscribe to the closed-beta (click below), which will be available within the next two weeks. I would love to have you on board! yours, Wolfgang
  10. Yes, the problem is it looks just not good on an animated gif, or even in the videos... Here is the same effect, but with a monochrome image, it is by far not so impressive; after the card disappears: sorry for the link, it is too big to upload! just wanted to share it that you can use it in your own games! ...
  11. Hi! I've started a tutorial about how to make HTML5 games great... Part1: tell me what you think... wolfgang...
  12. Hi! VEmpire is a digital history-based Digital Deck-Building game about the Habsburg rulers revived as terrific Vampires. Please provide us feedback whether you would support it to arrive on your favourite device: We would love if you check it out: Thanks Wolfgang!
  13. Thanks for the message, i'll contact you per mail!