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  1. WOW, we are mentioned on toucharcade: http://toucharcade.com/2016/03/15/vempire-the-kings-of-darkness/ HOW COOL IS THIS?
  2. in the meantime thx for all the votes and kind words! Keep spreading the word! wolfgang
  3. Thx! Well in it's heart we use ImpactJS mainly for the resource management, but we've built our own "card-game-engine" called "chassa" fully JS and fully Canvas. So there is not a single HTML Element in the game, except the canvas element! For porting to different platforms it depends on the target! The game runs pretty well (after lot's of work;-)) with 60FPS in chrome even on an a week machine (without web-gl!). -PC/MAC/LINUX with a webkit framework. -Android with CocoonJS and our main target from the start: -iOS with Ejecta => The game looks insane good on a retina device
  4. Hello! VEmpire is a HTML5 game and we are really proud to announce: Since nearly 3 years we are working on VEmpire - The Kings of Darkness, a unique & innovative history based Deckbuilding Game!please check it out here:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=637160601thx & Best Regards, Wolfgang
  5. Hi! I wanted to add "Jscrambler" in brackets to the title, so that everybody knows that the examples are about this product! Can someone tell me how to edit the title? - thanks! Here Part2: Experience with Jscrambler, the Protection-Options! http://vempiregame.com/allgemein/experience-with-jscrambler-part-i/ Best Regards and all the best, Wolfgang
  6. Hi! meet us and play the VEmpire Alpha, the very first time at: http://www.cegconf.com/ news about the game here: https://twitter.com/WLueger http://vempiregame.com/ Regards, Wolfgang
  7. sorry but I disagree: it does, for a simple reason => any code, especially if it's about game-dev, could be deobfuscated, or : most things today are .NET (Unity etc...) which is again an intermediate language IL, so could be disassembled... but anyway it is simply a matter of effort! is it worth it, or should I move to the next thing I could steel? the guys in the companies I've mentioned have very restricted time to do what they are told to do! btw.: the first attempts with Jscrambler are looking very promising - and any "deobfuscator" I've tried until now - hardly fails! but
  8. No, it is not different! Good Open-Source Sources are providing you with documentation, support, bugfixing etc.. this is also service! Therefore many OpenSource Projects are turning back into payed services after gaining enough users, how should they survive and evolve other than that? It does not matter if you pay for code or support or docu about it, at the end! Just take WordPress - it's free - but a million dollar business, if you want to turn it into something usefull - you have to pay! I've a problem, if good things that help you, and give you big possibilities are all for fr
  9. - nice statement, here my point: 1. Fine - you are concerned about personal data - but where are the boundaries? "My" code is mine, unless I want to share it. It is my personal property, therefore it could (and should) be seen as personal data! Just because I want to share (or sell) a game on or through the internet does not mean I want to share my code! Blizzard does "share" and sell its games but not its sources (code, art etc...)! what should this mean? - everything that is on the internet is for free? You know the opposite is true! Even JS-Libraries does cost money...
  10. I'm starting a posting series about this topic, maybe this is interesting: http://vempiregame.com/allgemein/our-road-to-alpha-i-securing-our-property-or-how-to-make-a-html5js-game-save/ any feedback is very welcome, Best Regards, Wolfgang
  11. Hi! Because we are making really good progress and we are proud to build this in HTML5 please check out at: https://twitter.com/wlueger thx a lot, wolfgang
  12. Hi All! here I've written down some thoughts about game-design: http://vempiregame.com/allgemein/is-it-really-just-about-mechanics/]http://vempiregame.com/allgemein/is-it-really-just-about-mechanics/ if interested in our project, please follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/WLueger thx & Regards, Wolfgang some latest screenshots: the board class selection... class I...
  13. @RandomDevelopers => thx a lot ! a first post about the basic rules: http://vempiregame.com/game-design/vempire-gameboard-and-basic-rules/ thx Wolfgang
  14. Hello! We appreciate to share details about the project with you: VEmpire is build in HTML5/JS. It is indented to bring it to iOS with Ejecta http://impactjs.com/ejecta. The game is based on the Impactjs game engine. Due to the fact that this engine is designed for arcade and action games we've build our own card-game "engine" called "chassa" based on impactjs. We're primarily using the rendering, resource-managing and most important: John Resigs JavaScript Inheritance. Because "Ejecta" does not "understand" HTML outside the boundaries of pure canvas stuff, the project does not contain any H
  15. Hi! we are close to a first playable demo... check out first gameplay videos in iPad-Size: Best Regards, Wolfgang
  16. Thank you very much, this means a lot to us!!!!
  17. Hello, Since over a year now we've been working on VEmpire, a Digital Deck building card game - done in HTML5. Although the game is far from a first playable demo we want to share the current state of the project and most important want to know what you think of it. Please share your thoughts with us and check out the concept at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=370648753&searchtext Our announcement trailer: http://youtu.be/SliEJrslTco any feedback is welcome! Best Regards, Wolfgang
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