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  1. On the bottom player has two bubbles(one active and one next). Look any big bubble shooter you will see there is a way to swap them between each other.
  2. Hi, What's that made with? Personally I like when the stuff like windows/buttons appears with some animations. When it just appears suddenly that looks a bit too rough. Probably need an ability to swap bubbles between each other like it is in other bbl shooters.
  3. no trouble. I played with a keyboard. just felt that I would like it that way. but I can't tell for sure, just a thought
  4. Cool and looks very nice I think I'd prefer if the car autoalign to the centers of the lines
  5. Oh... I would like to make a good platformer. But have no time ATM ((( Also preview doesn't tell much about game. And it looks kinda too tiley. The suggested picture below looks more intresting. Are you going to make better looking platforms? Like not a boxes but something more like in the attached picture, so it looks more natural or something. You can see some of my drawing skill here:
  6. Thanks so much everyone who written me messages. Got them a lot. Proposition closed. I am still open to freelance graphic jobs.
  7. Hi, great site love it. Did not found any similarity with TV site. As for the text, the market has demands so in similar business there are similar phrases all over the place dictated by clients expectations.
  8. Hi, 1. better graphic.(I know it's Captain obvious) 2. Much faster player's ball speed. 3. The way the balls come out, I think could be found something better. Maybe not linear. Or, if you go with tiled rows then the rows should not be full all the time. Random 1-5. 4. Vertical position. 5. Not sure the random color after collision is good idea. Maybe it is. Just not sure. Maybe could be some more predictable way. Maybe it could change the color when collide into a different color ball. Lose energy and take that color to himself. 6. Background 7. Blend ADD for particles so it makes light effect. And other image of particles. Not boxes. Maybe a dots with glow, or circles of different size.
  9. This one for example
  10. I would like to collab with you as artist.
  11. Hi, Looking for a good coder to collaborate to work on somewhat small arcade game. The game requires - resizable, so it can adapt for different device resolution - screen shake effects - familiar with math. so you can make chasing algorithm and that spike ball bumps of the walls(see animated gifs). - intagrate buyers API if necessary - flexible sprite animation - preferably able to make the game as a mobile app The basic concept: In the game the player dodges from the demon who folds into a spike ball. Sometimes he unfolds and make special attacks. There should be 5-6 special attacks. One example in gif animation below. Game becomes harder by time. The demon moves faster and makes attacks faster and also starts to throw more attacks in a row. When player dies from touching the demon or his attacks there is death event happens. Example of touching the demon in the gif below. Special attacks should have different deaths(some could be similar as his attacks mostly a different type of fire attacks). P.S. I am also open for collaborations or a freelance job. Attack example Death example:
  12. Those white lines all over the screen are loading indicator? They are confusing.
  13. Thanks. Well then I wait Lazer release because mesh animation is such great thing.
  14. Thanks, that is great option. But I am wondering about meshes. DragonBones has mesh animation now. So I wonder is it possible to use it with Phaser.
  15. Hello, How is possible to use DragonBones with Phaser? It is very good free animator like Spine. With .json export.