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  1. New Year, new games!! Here is our latest released six HTML5 games ! Please check out and if you are interested in buying non-exclusive license of these games please contact . We offer discount for bulk purchasing! Some of the key reasons you will want to buy from us are: 1) Our games are cross platform supported , run on any browser and device. 2) We provide free localization service. You just give the translation in a doc file and we will put those in the game for free. 3) We offer discount for bulk purchase. Title : Fill The Hive Genre: Arcade Link: Title: Memory Scanning Genre: Puzzle / Memory game Link: Title: Thief Puzzle Genre: Puzzle Link: Title: Zombie Brain Run Genre: Arcade Link: Title: Figure Puzzle Genre: Puzzle/Physics Link: Title: Duck Hunting Madness Genre: Action Link: All the levels are unlocked here , so that you can see within short period of time. Feel free to contact at Visit our website at
  2. Hi Iuri, It is my great pleasure to get your recommendation man. Thank you. I am very lucky that I have made deal with you and Click Jogos. You guys are great people.
  3. Hi, Please check the following link to see our second HTML5 game "Memory Scanning" ! , It is a brain game, nice way to develop player's memorizing capability, at the same time they will enjoy the game play with great sound effect. Game link: Please contact to buy the non-exclusive license Game video link: Supported to every mobile browser and desktop/laptop browsers. Short Description:Memory / brain game with totally different experience in terms of game play. You will be shown some objects , then those will be hidden, you have to recall them. Three different categories (animal, fish, fruit) with excellent graphics and sound. Enjoy the game. Full Description: 1. There are three different categories (animal,fish,fruit). 2. In each category you will be shown some objects one after another. Lets talk about the animal category first. You will be shown three animals one after another. After that they will be hidden. You have to click on the animals (you have just shown) from the animal pictures at the bottom. 3. Remember a Gorilla will try to steal a banana bunch, you have to recall the animals before the Gorilla steals the banana bunch. 4. After certain point you will be shown four objects at a time, then five objects at a time and the speed of Gorilla walking towards the banana bunch will be increased up to certain point. 5. For fish and fruit category the game play is similar , but the sprites/pictures are different. On the other hand in place of Gorilla there is a dolphin for fish and bird for fruit category. In place of banana bunch there is a ball for fish and cherry for fruit category. 6. There is a increasing upon wining challenge point. Try to win the challenge point and get 50 bonus points. 7. You can pause the game at any point and mute the sound. 8. Last but not the least, there is an interactive help section for this game (button located at main menu room). See the help for better understanding. Enjoy the game Please to buy the non-exclusive license
  4. Here is our newly released HTML5 game "Duck Hunting Madness" , available for non-exclusive licensing. If you are interested to buy the license, please contact You can see the youtube video to get an idea of different level of the games. Full Description:Duck Hunting Madness is a hunting game with 6 exciting levels. Applicable for every age. 1. Main objective is to hunt as many ducks as possible while avoiding the kingfishers and sparrows. 2. Time limit for every level is 90 seconds and you got four lives. 3. If you shoot duck you will get 10 points, if you shoot kingfisher you will lose a life. Shooting sparrow will take away 5 points. 4. Get enough points to get access to new levels. 5. In every level there will be a challenge (mentioned at the top right corner of the game screen). If you reach the needed score will get rewarded with additional 50 bonus points. 6. If you finish a level without losing lives you will get 30 bonus points. 7. Every level has it’s own difficulty, level 1 is the easiest one and level 6 is the hardest. 8. Check your position among other gamers from the leaderboards. 9. From level 4 to level 6 you will have to also reload your magazine while hunting. You can reload it any time by clicking on it. Visit our website to get updates on upcoming games. Thank you for your time to test the game and feedback.