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  1. Samme! Thanx a lot for this hint. I realized that the updateLogic was still running. But I had no clue how to stop or break through it. I thought maybe I have to delete a reference to something or I don't know. But I spent 2 days now looking for a solution. Restructuring code. Finding work arounds etc. And in the End it works by just using a simple (button) click event. This should definitely be more obvious or explained somewhere. It's crucial, isn't it? Thanks again. So glad.
  2. I have exactly the same problem. Did you find a way to solve it?
  3. Thanks a lot for your effort! I'm using the online version. I was now making sure, the font gets used (and loaded) before in a sort of "please wait" div. From that on it was working. I remembered the dragging in and all this. But it did not work properly. Could have had several reasons. I was only a bit confused by the error message. Thought there must be a url path somewhere in the js files. Anyways, it ist working now. Super fast response, once again. Cheers, Henryk
  4. Hi there, I'm building a game again and want to use a few of the old setting from last year. Anyway, I'm getting this error: Phaser.Loader: No URL given for file type: font key: UniversLTW01-67BoldCn I'm using default font in ME and then later just replace the string 'Arial' with 'UniversLTW01-67BoldCn' in the data.js file. It works when using the 2.2.0 version of phaser but not with the current one. Any hint would be very much appreciated? Edit: The font is also not showing up with the 2.2.0 version. Where do I set the path? Because for the pure html it does get loaded and applied vio styelsheet, though. Thanks in advance, Henryk
  5. What a pitty. Though I have the feeling ME was not getting enough attention. I guess it was not making up good enough for business?! I rarely make games, but ME helped me heeps.
  6. Wow, Stauzs, this is great! In terms of working with the editor, item handling and usability this is a enormous and a very welcome update.
  7. Have you tried to copy and shift paste the whole group within the objects panel? copy: - Background - Character ( contains: head, body...) -> copied - Foreground then shift paste: - Character1 ( contains: head, body...) -> shift pasted in - Background - Character ( conains: head, body...) - Foreground It pastes the group in the same position and keeps all the names of the subgroups. So you just have to rename the group. "Character1" to "Character_Angry" or whatsoever. Then drag it in the order you need and scale, rotate or whatever you like to do with the subgroups/ parts of your character. then order: - Background - Character ( contains: head, body...) - Character_Angry ( contains: head, body...) -> reordered and renamed but still the same - Foreground I have to admit it would be handy to have a duplicate function and icon in the object panel. Also depending how big the group it it lags a bit and from time to time it doesn't work imediately and I have to try it again. Don't know why. Update: I made this an official issue on github: https://github.com/TheMightyFingers/mightyeditor/issues/41
  8. I experienced a simular issues. Though I'm using Phaser 2.2.0. After taking it out my fadein event the sound looped. No idea why. I use now: sndGame.loop = true; sndGame.play(); //sndGame.fadeIn(2000);
  9. Did it get fixed? Because I see this happening again. And also the atlas.xml file always gets renamed atlas.png.xml. As I usually just update the data.js, I always have to rename them and put in the main asset folder...
  10. Hi folks, I've realised, that ME applies Sprites positions, width etc. with up to, I don't know, ten numbers behind the dot. Is there any advantage over integers? It's nothing super important I just wonder. Wouldn't it make things faster for calculations? I don't know, if you have hundreds of elements all at XY.759412357 position instead of only XY, isn't that slowing done things at some point?
  11. Guys, especially Stausz, I appreciate how fast you reply to issues* and how quick lots of things get solved. The ordering now works like charm. It's like someone took off the stone from my chest. (Anyone knows that saying?) There are still lots of little things, but ME is improving bit by bit. Thanks for your work and support and good luck! * For all of you who don't know. Issues get also listed on github: https://github.com/TheMightyFingers/mightyeditor/issues
  12. I have the 41.0.2272.96 installed on a tablet and my game runs slow. Even in the native browser and all other browser the game runs otherwise well... How did you solve this?
  13. Hello Stausz, thanks again for the fast reply and detailed information. I will just redo the animation. Lots of times I end up wasting more time trying to fix things then do recreate from scratch. The 'make active' via right mouse button I will try next time. Sounds useful. About the keyframes: Yes, the keyframe data is not lost. However for every keyframe I only get shown the 'missing element' icon you mentioned in your post before. I then will have to select each individual keyframe and reassign the sprite. I would have thought I select the item in the object panel reassign the relevant image and it will update in the timeline accordingly. Alright gotta go on. You guys are always very helpful and supportive. Keep it up!
  14. Hello folks, well, I deleted a sprite atlas by accident. I have setup an animation and it would be a pain in the butt to assign all the elements again. This is sort of a general issue for me. When a project grows, at some point I want to reorganize my footage in folders. Lets say I used mixed spritesheet atlases and animated sprites of that. Later I want to move that spritesheet in a subfolder (/assets/ani/my-spritesheet.png). If doing so, I'll have to manually assign all used and animated elements again. Which is always super annoying. It would be great if I could just assign the new path / spritesheet to one lement and the rest detects it automatically. Or I accidently delete one. Couldn't I just copy the old mt.data in the source editor and reimport the spritesheet and everything would be good again? Or just be able to import a project. That way I could just import my backed up project. Also, it seems I will have to assign the relevant sprite again manually for each keyframe in the animation. Another thing I found a bit strange. Say, I have my spritesheet and the belonging atlas.xml in a subfolder. I upload this in ME and assign the spritesheet. ME will always put the atlas.xml in the main asset folder and not in the subfolder...
  15. Ah, yes clever workaround. I could have come up with this myself. Is very logic. Well, I guess it's time for some sleep. Thanks again, I appreciate very much your fast replies. Always helps.
  16. Ah, yes, sorry I did not think on it. Should work now: http://mightyeditor.mightyfingers.com/#p29fa Yes, I use Phaser 2.2.2
  17. Ah, yes, I was not so aware of the shortcuts anymore. I started using the animation editor just these days again. @* that button (~ at 1:45): I started using it. In some occasions it was useful. Only better would be to first be able to select several layers in the panel tree view and then apply a keyframe to all these with that button (and / or [sPACE] key) Thanks for guiding me to the github tracker. I posted it there, now.
  18. Hello again, I'm opening a new thread for this. Well I tried to change the fps in the tab of the animation editor and they don't get applied. Not in export neither after page reload. Second thing is sort a bit strange. I animated a pig geting smashed into peieces by a hammer. Now within the editor all is timed up well. After export and then playing back via code, it looks odd. I have the feeling all animated elements start at the same time. Made a test example and indeed they play back at the same time: http://mightyeditor.mightyfingers.com/#p29fa I hope this gets fixed quick or at least a hint, how I can achieve it otherwise. Thanx in advance, Henryk
  19. Cool, good to see you're taking care so quick. Ahhh! Now I get it, yes really good the double click feature. Now I only hope for my suggestions* to be integrated one day. Selecting multiple keyframes is really helpful. Also bezier curve interpolation between keyframes... Anyways, good work! ( )
  20. Hi folks, I was creating an animation and tried to rename afterwards. Well, I can click and edit the name on the tab of the timeline. But when exporting and also after page refresh the new name does not get applied. It keeps the default 'NewMovie'. I was not using this feature up until now. So I can't say if it maybe was not working properly since longer or just since the update.
  21. Wow, I just saw it on the dropdown menu. This seems to give way for new possibilities. (Because I actually never intended to produce apps before) By the way, have you ever thought of something like a little news bubble next to "MyMighty" in the editor? So one sees quickly when there's something new and via direct link could read immediately about it...
  22. You can check for the onBlur and onFocus Event and pause/unpause the current running sounds. create: function(){ this.game.onBlur.add(this.onInactive, this); this.game.onBlur.add(this.onResume, this); }, onInactive: function(){ console.log('now is inactive'); // now pause all the running sound this.game.sound.pauseAll(); }, onResume: function(){ console.log('now resume'); // now resume all the running sound this.game.sound.resumeAll(); },I did not try it. I was just looking things up in the docs. But the principle should work..
  23. Similar problem. You've found out any way, yet?
  24. I have an sprite on the stage in ME, which I scaled down by half. Then I applied physics and changed the body size, making it wider, so it can collide with the worldBounds to my liking. I used the physics tool to enable the highlighting of my physics body to do so. However, it looks good visually, but is too small for the collision. If I change it to the double size, which looks wrong within ME, it collides the way it should. I can imagine, this has to do with the way phaser handles this. Neverteheless maybe a little hint on the tutorial site (http://mightyfingers.com/tutorials/physics/change-body-size/) could help others. Or is there a way I'm not aware of? I'm intending to scale up the sprite during the game gradually, so I would have to recalculate the physics body width every time, would I? best, Henryk