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  1. I’ve now added in additional sound effects and cut scenes
  2. Thank you for your kind words ☺️ Game creator is getting there slowly. I think it’s good to focus on a project right now with all that is going on in the world
  3. After a few years break from creating the Point and Click game Bayou Island, I've decided to make a new game called "The Halloween Game" in time for the holidays. It also has a game creator so that others can make their own Point and Click Games which I'll be releasing later on, you can see a video of it here. The url to the game is = I'm a front end developer and I've always wanted Point and Click games to be accessible via the web instead of always having to install apps. Unfortunately when I started this journey 5 years ago there was no lightweight solution in order to deliver such an experience. I think I've now managed to achieve all the typical features that one would expect in a Point and Click game. These include: - Inventory - Npcs - Music - Sound fx - Voice acting - Cut scenes - Playing as multiple characters - Close up puzzles and more... Some under the hood features include: - Lazy loading of rooms as you enter them (since memory is limited on mobile devices). - Sound sprites of voice acting - Runs off a JSON file, no database required Some future features I'd like to include: - Lip syncing - Ability to walk and talk at the same time - Escorting procedures (allow both playable characters and npcs to follow you). So please have a play and any feedback will be greatly received. Only thing I ask is please look upon this in a development perspective rather than the quality of the story and puzzles (I'm not great at those :)) As I have mentioned I also have an accompanying game creator which will allow you to make your own games. Your feedback on the demo game will help me finely tune the game creator before I release that too. Quick frankly if I had ever known it was going to take me this long to do - I never would have started it. However it has certainly kept me busy and focused throughout covid-19. Many thanks, Andrew Howard.
  4. @WizaEric I really like this! If I could add it might be nice if you can add a progress bar in that one for loading there don't seem to be many resources telling you how to do it at the moment.
  5. I think this is the most comprehensive one out there =
  6. Hi everyone, I love this! Does anyone have a Typescript version set-up already of this I could have? I'm struggling to get my head around this and would prefer to stick with the Typescript route. Many thanks, Andrew.
  7. Sorry your question is a little confusing. What do you mean by padded sprites? Do the grey areas still belong to the games canvas?
  8. It's best practice to stage loading files. 23mb is a lot to load right from the outset. Try only loading sounds just before the scene where they are to be used. Then after that scene clear the cache before you load the new ones needed for the next scene.
  9. Hmm thanks. I'm still confused as to how I'm going to get the co-ordinates of the arc in the first place though. I need to know those before I can submit them off in a tween.
  10. Thanks but the ease function won't have anything to do with the tween path.
  11. So I know how to draw an arc = But how can I get a sprite to tween along it? I could make an array of x and y points for the tween, but is there a way I can get all the x and y coordinates of the arc? Hopefully the graphic below will illustrate as to what I'm after:
  12. So I'm trying to create a tween within my sprite called "walkingTween". enemy.walkingTween ={ x: this.player.x, y: this.player.y }, walkSpeedTime, Phaser.Easing.none).start(); And this successfully makes the tween happen. However when I try to make it do something after the tween, onComplete doesn't trigger off. enemy.walkingTween.onComplete.addOnce(function () { console.log("Tween Complete!"); }, this); Any ideas? If I did a normal tween such as: var enemyWalk ={ x: this.player.x, y: this.player.y }, walkSpeedTime, Phaser.Easing.none).start(); Then the onComplete function DOES work. But for various reasons I have to have this tween assigned under the sprite itself.
  13. fitness23


    Cool thanks for the reply. The grouping and visibility would be a lot easier! But how would I pause the game behind it whilst the user is fiddling with the Volume level?
  14. fitness23


    So I have my main game state called "Game" and I need to allow the user to go to another state called "Volume". I can make the user go to the "Volume" state all fine, but when I try going back to "Game" state by doing: this.state.start('Game'); all the functions I put in the Create function get re-run and the player has to start from the beginning again. I need the game to remember where the player was standing, where the enemies were etc, without the state restarting. Any ideas?