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  1. Hi peeps! Been awhile but I've got a light load right now and am ready to take on some more work. Send me an email at agentash1@gmail.com to discuss job offers. Looking forward to hearing from you!
  2. Hi all! for about 4 months, me and a few other guys have been working off and on, on a small arcade game for Kongregate. It's a simple, right moving, endless adventure game where the main character (Hazard) is on a quest to tame the Forever Forest. Plus he has burning hair! The game made it's debut on Kong last night and we'd LOVE it if ya'll would give it a shot (and please rate!) Here's the link to it http://www.kongregate.com/games/Pangeeum/pangeeum-forever-forest
  3. updated my page and I'm available for work again!
  4. Updated portfolio with new content, and I'm available for jobs again.
  5. Updated my portfolio with recent works.
  6. Hi all! My name is Asher and I'm available to work on your pixel art projects. My forte is definitely in the low res area (under 32x32) but I can do higher if needed. I'm interested in paid work, and jobs of small or medium size Below is my portfolio and email address for job offers. Portfolio: http://agentash1.wix.com/pixelportfolio Contact Email: agentash1@gmail.com I've also uploaded some of my larger works for you to view here: This title screen was done for an upcoming game called Noodlesoup.. Jk, of course it's called Pangeeum Here are a mere handful of sprites that
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