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Grew up in Sydney Australia and used to run a BBS via 2400 baud modem back in high school. Spent my weekends in a neighbours garage messing around with computers, we all used to all wait until midnight because the L.O.R.D (legend of the red dragon) server would reset and take 5 minutes and whoever got on first got an extra days turn.
Ended up doing a few (very) high profile contract jobs in the IT industry. Lived and breathed IT, whilst also following my passion of art. Visited Melbourne and fell in love with the art and culture. Came back to Sydney and worked at Microsoft Australia doing two roles for a few years. Moved down to Melbourne and focused on marketing for a decade (whilst keeping my passion of IT lit). Spent the last year and a half focusing on a vision of where I see the web moving.
Probably always the craziest of my group of friends. Very down to earth but head in the clouds. Love puzzles. See everyone as equals. Don't mind the odd beer garden now and then.