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  1. Electron is the worst choice as far as I can see, no cookie support, poor performance (jerky unpredictable frame rate), riddled with issues, performance does not match Chrome, cross platform issues.
  2. That's interesting but I may have found something better. What I did last night and this morning was try nw.js which is an alternative to electron. AND... It's much better. Firstly the performance is 'right' no difference between it and Chrome... secondly you don't have to 'build' anything with nw.js. Just download it, test your game by dragging your game folder on to nw.exe (on PC) and if the game runs then just zip it up in the nw.exe folder and THAT'S IT. Cookies work, sound works, no judder or performance issues, everything can be set from a text file (screen res etc.) Wow. NW.JS is the answer.
  3. This might explain the performance issues, seems it has been on going since V1.8 Looks like they have turned off hardware acceleration on 2D canvas! Crazy...
  4. So cookies don't work. Forget trying to make them work. However localstorage DOES work so convert any cookies over to localstorage. But as for the poor performance (scrolling jumpy, lag) I can't find a solution, it just seems Electrum does *something* every 6-7 second which causes the app to stutter. I'll test it on the PC tomorrow but as far as I can see this is a dead end. I might just have to go back to C++. Boy... converting this back to C will be a nightmare.
  5. So it turns out electron does not support cookies... which is a total disaster if you think about it. There is apparently a solution which I'm trying now: (forget this, I've no idea what it does but it does not make cookies work) However further testing has shown a weird bug with electron - my game seems to freeze up for a split second every 5-6 seconds. It obviously makes it jumpy to play. Sigh. Is there ever going to be a solution to this?
  6. I've tested all 3 builds it produces on the mac (and via Wine) and they work Finally a set up which produces 3 exes for Mac, Linux and Windows from one command!
  7. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The second and third parts are 90% done I just needed to make sure the engine worked on everything before pushing out the other two chapters. Seems the main issues are sound which is probably because I coded most of it from scratch a few years ago before the latest standards were locked down. I shall try to replicate the repeating sound. Oh and I did throw in some ZX Spectrum references later in the game
  8. *EDIT* Could you try it again, I've literally added some code to say if for some reason longvolume can't be defined to ignore the code around it. I'd be curious to know what happens. Remember to properly reload the page (dev mode). --- That's so weird, I have the same Chrome and it works fine. What OS? I'll try to replicate it. You will be able to continue in the game until almost the end where the sound panning is used again for fire. I'm going to try to fix it. It's a weird one.
  9. This is a really easy guide to installing Wine: Saves all the nightmare!
  10. Audio seems fine with it (so far). I've now got it building Linux and Windows builds too. Going to set up my spare PC tomorrow and make sure it works. You need to have wine installed for it to build the windows exes.
  11. Interesting, what browser and set up? I'm using extensive audio tricks which it seems some browsers don't quite support yet which I didn't know Wondering if it's gain.value which might work differently in some browsers. I've tried a hack of just making longvolume window.longvolume... usually solves these issues.
  12. This is really fun but it's quite difficult to play on a laptop with the touch pad, can't really think of a way around that, really need to plug a mouse in. Might find my steam controller and see how it plays with that. I like how the games are over quickly, no messing about, it's just war!
  13. Hello, I've been working on this on and off for years. Intended to be free to enjoy for everyone. No adverts/spam etc. This is the first version I've been happy with for a while, feedback appreciated. Bugs or issues I've missed please let me know! Not sure how robust my host is, it's 15MB. Oh CHROME ONLY AFAIK, I'll deal with the little errors in firefox etc. once I know everything is good with the game itself. It's in the style of the Dizzy (etc.) games with added gore and weapons. If you want to use a controller like the Steam controller just 'redefine keys'. Default keys are: Space jump, Arrow keys move, Z = 'inventory', X = fire. Number keys can also access inventory/change weapons.
  14. OK to update: I've now managed to make a stand alone exe on the mac with Electrum. It was like some DOS based nightmare from the 1990s. Here is what I did: Follow the Electrum quick start guide until you get something to run in a window. What you get to run is of NO USE as it isn't an exe. Then Electrum sort of just trail off about how to make that an exe. Really weird. However someone on stackoverflow pointed to: Which is another command line nightmare but it DOES make an exe for Mac, Linux and Windows in one go. Here is the install process (it needs admin/root access): ---- npm install electron-packager --save-dev Then the following as sudo, you will need admin password: sudo npm install electron-packager -g Then follow the guide WITHIN YOUR electron-quick-start dir: Rename the dir from 'electron-quick-start' to your app name. Make sure electron-packager is installed globally (sudo npm install electron-packager -g should have done that) productName in package.json has been set to your app name (edit it with a text editor) The electron module is in the devDependencies section of package.json, and set to the exact version of 1.4.15. (edit it with a text editor) npm install for the Foo Bar app has been run at least once (I just ran 'npm install' from the command line once) Now run: electron-packager . (with the full stop) ----- AND BEHOLD an exe which runs and compresses to 44MB. Wow. Just wow. There is serious room for a desktop one click app for this, because I don't think any newbie is going to be able to do all that.
  15. I managed to get Electrum working last night but it's working in that way where I don't know HOW I got it to work in the end. I end up with a folder which will run the game as an app so I need to try zipping it up and seeing if it will run on another mac I guess. My main worry is the other mac might need loads of libs installed to run it. The bad news is the exe is >160MB for a 1.5MB html5 game!!! If you're using <audio> then FLUID is by far the best way to wrap up a mac version, you literally just give it a URL and it gives you an exe of the url. (but if you're using anything modern like proper sound it will die), Fluid also produces tiny exes, like just a little bigger than the webpage source.
  16. EDIT: I'VE FOUND A WORKING SOLUTION FOR MAC, PC AND LINUX, SEE POST 4. IT'S STILL A COMMAND LINE 1990S STYLE NIGHTMARE THOUGH. Wew lad... I've been trying to wrap up some of my games so I can upload them to steam (etc.) and I'm not getting very far. Methods I've tried: Macgap: - does not seem to support webaudio - just loads of errors which I don't get in Chrome. Fluid: - builds the app fine... but crashes on loading... with webaudio errors. Electrum: - this program is just a nightmare to set up, I can get it to run correctly but I can't actually get it to build an app, it seems you have to install loads of hacks along with bloody 10gig of Xcode. Maybe I should just drop mac support? Move to a PC to build these? Why is it so difficult? Every guide to it is a long terminal based nightmare, which is a shame because on the mac, via webview, the exes end up being really small, I understand when build with chromium you end up with 50meg+ exes. How is the PC side of this? Is it more straight forward? I've read the guide posted here and it seems to be but I'd like to hear opinions.
  17. Thanks man! Really cool of you!
  18. Aw man, just came to read this after book marking it ages ago to find the links dead, anyone have a copy?
  19. This is quite a nice game in terms of the feel, it's very smooth and responsive however that bloody music loop is grating, have you considered using mod music to replace it?
  20. Hi, thanks for the feedback, what do you mean by having to watch the intro text? The game over screen? Or is something happening to stop the game being started again? You should just be able to press the area where it says 'bubble wizzley' to start at any time. I don't have access to many phones so testing for that is a bit of a nightmare if it is doing something weird.
  21. I've now added this to the chrome store (free obviously), this is my first attempt at using the store and for some reason I can't seem to get the game to show up on the store itself. I think that's the direct link to the game, am I doing something wrong or do google have some magic going on before it appears to other users? I've also fixed a few bugs and such.
  22. It does seem like the steam has gone from it, they used to have a cool road map where the apps would work on android too with a wrapping compiler etc. but it just all seems stuck in beta forever. Has anyone had any luck with the compiler tool chain for android?
  23. I've just wrapped one of my games up for the chrome webstore and was wondering what peoples experience of it was? Is it just me or are there very few games actually on it? For some reason when I browse the sections I get a handful of games in each and that's it.
  24. Had a quick look too, it's actually pretty nice, the general rendering seems solid at least on my macbook setup (I didn't try it on a phone), I like the way it will adjust to the screen size on the fly. If you're going to throw in all global vars at the top you might as well make them window. variables - this has several massive advantages if you're planning on expanding or reusing the code later, it also allows you to call and manipulate variables from the html file for example, so you can set things up from html without having to do anything custom in the game. In terms of the game itself I found the tetris wells way too narrow, why waste all that screen in the middle?
  25. I've also tried to find such a thing, you could I suppose use affiliate links and open them in a new window (amazon etc.). There does not seem to be an easy solution at the moment.