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    codethislab got a reaction from Umz in Caveman Hunt Primary License by CodeThisLab srl   
    Do you want to be the first to publish our latest game?
    Try Caveman Hunt!

    In few words, every new game created by our staff  is auctioned before its release. The best bid will get it in exclusive for 30 days.
    Don't miss this great occasion!
    For further info, write me privately or send me an email at ida.dicostanzo@codethislab.com
    Take also a look at our full portfolio and discover all the 180 and more games we have developed!
    Kind Regards
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    codethislab got a reaction from Gods in !NEW SURVIVAL GAME JUST RELEASED!   
    Hi Gods! 
    Thank you for your appreciation!  To develop our games we use Create Js, they are pure JS hard coded games. 
    As regards graphics we use 3D studio max, Zbrush for sculpting and Photoshop.
    You can find our 3D zombies here. We create them by ourselves. 
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