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  1. For now using map.setCollisionBetween(76, 104,false); After each map.swap works
  2. I have a csv tilemap map.setCollisionBetween(0, 75) and all is working well. I have a switch which when triggered calls map.swap(49, 104) Visually this works as expected but 104 should not cause a collision. Is there something I should call to update the collision index
  3. I haven't uploaded to kongregate but probably path problems (absolute or relative). developer tools should show what path they are looking for'example', 'assets/example.png'); or'example', '/assets/example.png');
  4. I have a workaround for this but not sure it is optimal When a specific collisions occurs I send off a request to the server and if they are no longer logged in I need to redirect them to login if (response.status == 401) { console.log('not logged in'); game.destroy(); game = null; $interval.cancel(vm.intervalPromise); $window.location.href = '#/login'; }else{ . The only way I have been able to get this to work is to change the state of the game game.state.start('loginScene'); then add a button there to redirect to the login. The error is it seems the phaser loop is still running if I call game.destroy from within the update of the active stage. This is a mix of angular and phaser and except for this minor issue things have gone quite well
  5. Could you post more of your code? I don't update the camera in this way but do so within update function of my active stage.
  6. I was hoping to have this up on a server for beta testing August 1st but now hoping for September 1st. A MMO space game with infinite space (well sort of) using Phaser and Angular. Quite a bit of interaction I did not feel worked well in Phaser and Angular worked great with saving and retrieving data from the server and passing and receiving data back from Phaser. Right now a player can mine asteroids to earn credits to upgrade or buy ships, find artifacts that range from recycle junk to tools to assist in certain areas. You can find and start a battle with pirates or other players but the battle sequence is what is holding me up from opening up beta. Why the name? Not sure how I ended up with domain name so named the game after it.