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  1. I'm playing on an Android Pixel 2. Performance is totally smooth. Thanks for including touch controls! The main issue I have is that the enemies are shorter than me, and I'm opaque, so I can't see if they're dead or not when they're close to me, or behind a minion. It's also hard to tell if my missiles are hitting them or not, when they're far away. I tend to oversteer when aiming at distant enemies. Maybe consider more analog-like turning controls for touch and mouse users, and/or more of a velocity ramp-up on buttons, so that short button/key taps can be used for fine aim controls, while longer presses can still steer quickly.
  2. That's a nice simple game. Good work on that nested FOR loop. I like the wild ending. It might be more fun with sound effects!
  3. The screenshots look cool, but there's no way to play it yet, is that right?
  4. I had fun, playing Falcon up to world 2 level 4ish. I kind of like the level design - the parallel word choices, timing challenges, etc. I honestly didn't pay any attention to all the complex power-up rules and just focused on movement timing, and that was entertaining enough. I like the measurement part between levels. One problem - there was a bit where I was off by one letter for a couple words. I expected the cursor to jump to the next word whenever I hit space, so that skipped/extra letters don't cause the player to be out of alignment for all future words, until they fix the character count. It could use more "juice" - particles, sounds, etc. But the core mechanic, and the level design, seem pretty solid.
  5. Yeah, that's right. If I step off a ladder sideways, I start falling at terminal velocity immediately. I even took slow-mo videos, and I can see that the player starts falling at max downward velocity as soon as they step off a ladder or a ledge. Some more gradual gravitational acceleration would make stepping off ladders easier - maybe the same as you have when starting the parabolic descent from the top of a high-jump. Even dismounting with a combo of up+right/left causes you to fall down at high speed. Maybe take the up/down arrows into account? Sorry to obsess over this one thing.
  6. Yeah, I agree. I was thinking about making stationary turrets, which would be used in shield-puzzle levels, but like a lot of ideas, I never got around to implementing it. But also, I don't love the shields. Maybe a short teleport, sort of like a dodge-roll, would be more fun? My plan is to leave game5 alone, and to use this good feedback to make a better game6 or whatever the next one is called. I kind of like leaving the bad stuff out there, to show improvement over time. I'm pretty motivated to make a better game in this same genre, because of the constructive criticism I'm getting here!
  7. I think I just tried walking off the ladders sideways? I remember I would leave at a sharp downward diagonal, not straight sideways, so I needed to be pretty high up to make it. I don't think I even tried jumping off, but I might be misremembering. I'll give it another try.
  8. There are a bunch of humans to talk to at the start too, so I was trained to look for stuff to talk with, I guess? I did eventually stop doing that once I got into the combat section.
  9. Ouch, I really blew it then. Hm. The "red creatures" are lasers you can pick up (with the tractor-beam button) and use. This playthrough might help:
  10. One lesson for me was that weapons that are good for players are not good for enemies, and vice versa. Player weapons should be really fast and responsive. Enemies should fire slowly and give you time to think, evade, shield, etc.
  11. Hold down the same button, to warm up and fire the laser you picked up. I think I made a mistake making the laser have a warm-up, and also be the first weapon you find. Long-press is pretty undiscoverable. I thought I could get away with it by having the warm up glow and make that increasing-frequency sounds, but if you just tap the button quickly you probably won't notice that stuff either. Good feedback!
  12. Honestly the player never needs shields. I only added them because I thought it was boring to have the "drop item" button do nothing when you do not have an item. Shields would be more useful if I didn't also give infinite lives. Adding and removing players is definitely confusing, and in future games I plan to have an "add/drop players" screen in the pause menu, and I'll use that to explain keyboard mappings, and maybe allow editing there too. Accidental player-adds (and self-removes!) are a problem on touchscreens too.
  13. Do you mean the actual keyboard and mouse button layout, or the purpose of the buttons (since they're both overloaded), or the overall rules of the game, or just all of it? In the first level, I tried to let the player to learn the basics of moving, and grabbing and using things, and cutting through walls with the laser. Them the second level has no weapons at first, and two enemies that are easily avoided or experimented with, so the player might learn about hiding and shielding, and later, maybe dropping items. But yeah, I didn't explain the keyboard layout in-game at all, or the purpose of the buttons on the touch screen. I should at least put those basics in the game, in the pause menu maybe, since the game starts in the pause state.
  14. Hah, I did the same thing - I would just walk around hitting Enter really quickly. It might be better if there was a more obvious sign when something can be interacted with, either the whole time it's on the screen, or when you get close to it.
  15. I love the very true-to-Lego theme. I had some of those space sets! The sit-to-duck thing is so true to form. It was solid and responsive throughout. Nice! My biggest problem was getting off of ladders and other climbables, across a short gap, onto a ledge. It seemed like I had to climb really high to clear even tiny gaps. But I didn't get far into the robot city - just a bit past the first raygun.